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Many Australians know the feeling of trusting someone to invest their money properly – it can be scary. In fact some Aussies have been caught out before and have lost everything through no fault of their own. This is why checking the credentials of any financial advisor is crucial, as the video below shows.

As with anyone you meet, looks can be deceiving. You may think you know someone’s personality or trustworthiness from how they dress or act, but they could be someone else entirely, and that someone is a person you wouldn’t want near your money.

In the video, a dreadlocked DJ poses as a clean-shaven financial planner, and shows just how easy it is for someone with no experience to convince a number of people that he can take care of their money. 

The ad is an attempt to get consumers to look more critically at the qualifications of the people we trust to manage our finances.

The company found a DJ named Azymyth Kaminski who spends his nights as a DJ with makeup, piercings and tattoos, and gave him some catchphrases to use.

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