Video uncovers the cunning traps scammers hide in ATMs

Covering your pin and watching out for muggers is no longer enough to keep your cash safe.

We all know that as we get more computer and security savvy, scammers come up with new ways to trick us. 

So, because we’re all now cautious when using an automated teller machine (ATM), making sure to conceal our PIN and looking for people who may attempt to grab our card or cash when we’re finished, scammers have had to find more ingenious ways to steal or copy cards and their numbers. 

A fascinating video that’s just been posted on YouTube shows the amazing lengths fraudsters will go to do this, by uncovering some of tricks that have been used to alert ATMs around the world.

The video is based on a story by viral site BoredPanda says that anyone who believes their biggest risk is getting mugged at the ATM is in for a shock when they watch the video.

“Just because an ATM looks normal at first glance, it doesn’t mean the machine hasn’t been toyed with,” BoredPanda says. “Card skimmers, cash traps, and system hacks are all becoming commonplace in the dark world of fraud, and most of the time, they’re fully concealed inside the ATM.

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“While there’s little you can do once the scamming device is already installed, you can dodge it by sticking to ATMs from banks you trust, covering your PIN from possible hidden cameras, and setting up transaction alerts on your bank account so you can easily intercept any suspicious activity.”

Would you have spotted any of these hidden traps on an ATM?

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