Transitioning to retirement: how to find your work/life balance

  While Dave’s working life has been varied – from fish and tackle shop work to manual labour – his


While Dave’s working life has been varied – from fish and tackle shop work to manual labour – his real passion has always been writing.

With this less structured lifestyle, a transition to retirement was an ideal way to make him feel financially secure.

For Dave, both work and hobbies are interconnected. “Life feeds into your writing and writing feeds into your life”, he says.

This means making time for the important things: fishing, exploring New Zealand with friends, and making plans for more ambitious adventures.

See his story below:

By taking an income stream rather than a lump sum, Dave has enjoyed the consistency of payments, which he found to be the “financially smart option”.

“To know that I’ve got things sorted out will be fantastic,” he says. “It’s the idea of freedom, and financial freedom breeds other sorts of freedoms”.

“It’s going to be a weight lifted off my shoulders”.

How do you feel about your own work/life balance? Have you considered a transition to retirement?

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    • Depends where your at? Age, work status, relationship. Etc. I’ve been retired for almost 2 years. And it’s been a learning curve.

  1. Retirement needs to be thought out way before the event. I believe at least a few years before. You need to sort out finances, what you can afford to do, and what you are going to do with all the time you are going to have. Hobbies friends and family also need to be looked at.

    • Here here that’s where we are heading planned that far, rent the house, put extra to super, now semi retired no worries

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