The hi-tech device stealing your personal information

A new gadget is being used by criminals to rob you of your personal information, specifically your bank card details,

A new gadget is being used by criminals to rob you of your personal information, specifically your bank card details, your name and your address.

It’s a hi-tech device that pinches your card number as well as the personal information that appears on your credit or debit card and that information is then transferred to blank card, which are then used by thieves to go on a shopping spree at your expense.

What’s scary about all this is that you only have to be standing nearby the thief for your information to be stolen. It’s pick-pocketing in the 21st century!

The device — apparently called the Contactless Infusion X5 — is thought to be the first of its kind specifically targeting the popular contactless bank card. You probably thought the banks were doing you a favour when they introduced a card that no longer required you to provide a signature or a PIN, but that’s exactly what the crims love about this scam.

The rise in ‘tap and go’ payments and mobile payment services such as Apple Pay certainly make life more convenient, with some saying that by 2025 you’ll only use notes and coins for one in four of your everyday payments.

According to consumer group Which? you can protect yourself by wrapping your wallet lining or individual card in tin foil, deflecting the reader and shielding the card from crooks at close range.

Do you use ‘tap and go’ payment services when they are available? Are you concerned about your personal financial security?

  1. Debbie  

    I wasn’t happy when pay wave was first introduced. I wasn’t asked if I agreed to my card having the chip on it for this access. We’re treated like sheep. Things are decided for us and we are expected to just follow with our blinkers on.

  2. Alison Worsnop  

    I have turned mine off. You can ask in your bank to have this done.

  3. I like pay wave, but I do have those little foil lined wallets for my cards. They are getting old I might replace them, I ave one for my passport as well

  4. Kevin  

    Years ago I had a card that had my photograph on it, so it was almost impossible to fraud.

    Then the bank in it’s wisdom stopped that service!

  5. I don’t use payWave if I can avoid it. My wallet with my credit card is scan proofed but most of all I scrupulously check my cc statement each month and report any unauthorised transactions which the bank will cover.

  6. Glenis  

    Use cash – get your money from a secure Auto Bank – some locations safer than others. We are getting lazy and criminals love it. Every time you use a card of any sort you are being tracked by big brother. The supermarket emails me the specials of food I buy – all rather concerning

  7. Judith  

    I often use Pay Wave but I have a special metal wallet (only $6.,00 on line from Kogan) that holds my cards and protects them. Also I am absolutely scrupulous about checking my monthly statements and cross referencing against my receipts. The supermarkets can only collect your data if you are enrolled in their loyalty card programme. I don’t really care if Coles or Woollies know what I buy, it’s not classified information and sometimes their emails point out specials on the products I use. Otherwise it’s easy to just press “Delete”

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