The etiquette surrounding giving money as gift
By Jeanette SouthamIn MoneyOn Sunday 25th Dec, 2016

The etiquette surrounding giving money as gift

Jeanette faced this tricky situation earlier this year, which made her ask – what is the etiquette with giving money as a gift?

I had a phone call from my brother this morning. His son is having an engagement party shortly at a local club. The young couple don’t live together in the true sense, but live with the girl’s mother.

I asked the fiance at Christmas what she wanted as a gift and she told me. My brother told me they want money as a gift. I don’t know if anyone else thinks like me, but it seems so impersonal to give money as a gift when they will need other things when they are married. I told him I’m not giving money.

This seems to be happening all the time. I can understand it if they have been living together and have everything they need – but I would much prefer to pay for our own meal at the venue and give a small gift as well.

Also it would be preferable to have the option of either a gift or money.

I’m going against the most recent trend and buying the gift the fiancé suggested at Christmas.

Does anyone else feel as I do, that it is impersonal to give (or ask for) money as a gift?



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