Telstra has been ripping you off and you may not have realised

If you’re a Telstra customer things in recent months have been difficult and it’s about to get worse with consumer

If you’re a Telstra customer things in recent months have been difficult and it’s about to get worse with consumer advocacy group Choice revealing that you’re paying up to 92 per cent more than other telco customers to get a substandard service.

The Telstra network has suffered several outages, which has frustrated customers across the nation.

Now, Choice says you should be entitled to fight your way out of your contract with Telstra without having to pay an exit fee.

Choice says for ADSL 2+ broadband you are paying 92 per cent more than other telecommunications plans. If you’re on a SIM-only mobile plan, it’s about 68 per cent more. Broadband, phone and TV streaming bundles are roughly 41 per cent more than other suppliers.

“Consumers are trapped in fixed term contracts that are not getting the premium service they signed up for,” Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Choice suggests that to get out of your contract without penalty you should log your outages, record your loss and take up the fight to Telstra.

Telstra however says Choice’s comparisons are flawed and don’t tell the full story. A spokesman for the company says, “Choice has not selected our most comparable plans and the analysis doesn’t consider the elements our customers tell us are important.”

On the list is ‘network quality’, but outages over six months have brought this into question.

Are you a Telstra customer? Have you been affected by network outages this year? What impact has it had on you?

  1. J Taylor  

    The trouble is in our area our network is at 1960 level and not updated for many many years, no other carrier can operate in our area. At one stage we could only get internet between 5am to 7 am without it dropping out. I now have mobile wi fi at top $ but when school holidays are on the wi fi frequently drops out. NBN is on the next street, so as soon as we are conected bye,bye Telstra.

  2. PAUL  


  3. Rob Ozanne  

    More reason to stay with westnet (iinet)

  4. I have a pre-paid and do a $30 package but the still wontvlet me do anything when creditvruns out even if Ievene lots of Brower etc left. Just any money left after i buy Brower goes in 2DAYS. So have to put reD it on again. And most times can’t because they say having problem try again, I try again hours later and stiil the same. And signal I’d so bad here in gingin wa.

  5. don campbell  

    have been with telstra for 50 years now have never had any major problems that were not fixed in 48 hours ,always keep in mind who owns the network before you go for a plan with the tenents,without government pressure the other carriers could not survive ,

  6. Gary seen  

    I signed a contract with Telstra went overseas took my phone with me so when I came home I needed it to ring to be picked up at the airport DID NOT use my phone (I have a local phone where I travel ) but Telstra charged me $199.00 for data usage . I explained I did not use the phone Telstras comment you should have turned off roaming my fault I have travelled every year for the past 20 years contracted to Optus Vodophone never had roaming problem at any stage just a corrupt method off getting money out off its customers i still don’t know off any product or service you have to pay for and not use I did try to explain to the person I was dealing with by giving him an example of how wrong their thinking is The example is if I took a prostitute out but did not have sex with her she could not charge for her services because I did not use them But Telstra work on the theory that the service is their my fault I did not use it still have to pay I’m thinking a prostitute has more principle than Telstra I’m assuming the person I was speaking to disconnected me because I could not speak with a strange accent

  7. Jane  

    A friend and I were talking about this very subject on Sunday, we are both long term customers for 20 + years and service is so bad – he rings Telstra most Sunday’s and complaints to the overseas person. They logged 12 drop outs of the Internet on Saturday alone. But do not offer discount for their service. They are going to lose us very do soon – just a bit worried that others are not much better. Will be asking others who they use. But basically two of us are “not happy Jan”.

  8. Trish  

    my niece queered her high bills from telstra and they said it was from 6 years ago, so she told them to send itemized bill to her email, she got an email saying they had over charged her and gave her a $10.000 credit, then she got another email from telsta with another $50.000 credit, that is $60.000 credit, how long has she been over charged, that’s a lot of money

  9. Barry  

    I updated my Telstra plan late last year, it took until February this year to get my complaints resolved. I had informed Telstra in December last year that I believed that they had not honored their part of the contract and informed them that the contract was null and void. It was not until February this year after visiting my local Telstra store for about the sixth time and a very helpful employee going out of his way that my complaint was resolved and I had a letter from Telstra stating that my contract was removed. I have since changed my mobile phone to another provider which is far cheaper and no contract. I will be moving interstate very soon and after doing some checking can get a home phone and internet for about half price.

  10. Ian Wilson  

    The ONLY reason people stay with Telstra is that in some areas – especially when travelling – it is the only connection you can get. Have successfully fought Telstra many times and after hours of communication and many phone calls have received our credits. When we stop travelling they are history.

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