Simple ways to save money around the house

When it comes to saving money, everyone has a tip or trick. A lot are common sense, but there are some not-so-obvious suggestions too that make the list of saving a pretty penny around the house endless.

From a few cents to thousands of dollars, here are a few simple tips to get your started.

1. Collect spare change
You might think the people who keep jars full of coins are a little bit mad, but in actual fact these folks are onto a hot saving tip. Check junk drawers, the couch, your car etc. for coins and every few months (or when the jars are full to overflowing) you can take your coins into the bank. You can use that money for groceries or to purchase gift cards for loved ones.

2. Make your own cleaners
Here at Starts at 60 we’re often banging on about DIY and provide plenty of tips and hacks on how to make your own cleaning products. There’s a good reason for this though — it will save you money. Things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and other common household products are much cheaper than using brand name cleaners (and often far more effective for the job at-hand).

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3. Bundle your communications
There are plenty of home internet, phone and television services around at the moment and if you do your homework right you can save a decent amount of money by bundling your services together. Check with your providers and see if they also reward customer loyalty (we know, loyalty is so rare these days) because if they do you could save yourself even more.

4. Entertain at home
It’s nice to get out and mingle with your friends and family every so often, but it can also be quite expensive to do. Skipping restaurants and dining at home can save on your entertainment spend. As the weather warms up you should start taking advantage of the outdoor dining opportunities and barbecues, but if you’re headed for cooler temps a cosy dinner indoors can do just the trick.

5. Cook cheap recipes
If you don’t have a collection of yummy economical recipes to cook up, check out Starts at 60’s recipe channel. Using low-cost ingredients will certainly help your wallet.

6. Repurpose instead of buying new
Transform old items to make instant new decor. This could involve re-using cans, bottles and jars; recovering old chairs, updating your cabinet hardware, repainting furniture, and using old pillow cases and tea towels in unique and creative ways.

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7. Divide landscaping plants and use transplants
If you are looking for ideas to refresh your outdoor landscape, look to your friends or relatives for any extra plants they might have for you to transplant into your garden. Alternatively, you can divide larger plantings and spread them throughout your yard.

8. Take free classes
You’d be surprised at the number of free or discounted continuing education classes and the range of subjects and hobbies available. Look to community services and libraries as well as special events to get ideas. Who knows, you might even find something completely unexpected to have an interest in. It will save you the cost of private tuition.

9. Eat leftovers
While we’re not suggesting you should make like Nigella and do a midnight raid on your fridge, you don’t want those tasty leftovers to sit in the fridge so long that their next trip is to the bin instead of your tummy. You can spruce up your leftovers and stretch your dollar, which might also make your weekly cook easier.

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10. Make friends with your discount stores
Discount shopping has come a long way and you’ll now find many great brands are taking part. You’ll find discounts in bags and luggage (great for that next holiday adventure), clothing and footwear, cosmetics and perfume, jewellery, sporting goods, health and pharmacy, and homewares if you look for it.

What other ways can you save money around the house? Share your tips with us.

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