‘Does the pension count as an income? And can I keep it if I head back to work?’

Mar 25, 2020
It's important to always keep retirement income healthy and growing. Source: Getty.

Q: I am 73 years old and have been receiving a full Age Pension since retiring a year ago. I now wish to commence part-time employment that would give me a gross income of about $42,000 per annum. Would I retain any of my pension, and would it be preferable for me to work as a contractor (I have an ABN)?

A: A single person can earn $53,060 a year before their pension cuts off completely. Irrespective of whether you work as a contractor or as a sole trader, Centrelink will use your taxable income when calculating the income for the income test. It would be worthwhile talking to a tax agent – it may be that a contractor could have access to more tax deductions, which would in turn reduce your taxable income.

You should also be entitled to the Work Bonus that exempts the first $7800 a year of employment income. This will have a big beneficial effect on your pension.

Q: My wife and I are retired. We now each receive an allocated pension from each of our superannuation accounts. We don’t work, so we don’t have any income from work. Recently I had to answer some questions on a form, and one question was “what is our income?” Could you let us know if our allocated pension is classed as income?

A: If you are talking about Centrelink, money in superannuation is assessed under the deeming rules, and a notional income applied to it. This would be then used for the income test. But in most cases income from allocated pensions is tax-free, therefore for tax purposes your allocated pension would not be classed as income.

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