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The changes to Home Care and how they will affect you

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For many of us as we get older, the thought of moving into an aged care facility frightens us.

Luckily there are services that can help you stay at home longer, such as home care.

As you may be aware, home care is one of a number of aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government.

The Government’s home care packages program can help you access a range of care and support services to  help you remain living independently in your home.

And now the home care system is about to go under some changes that will give you more choice about your care and how it is delivered.

The changes, which come into effect on February 27, will give you the choice to change home care providers if you wish.

That means you’ll be able to shop around and find a home care provider that can deliver services that meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Say you’re moving towns or you’re not happy with the home care provider you have, then under the changes it’ll be easier to change providers – and the best part is your home care package will move across to your new provider!

If you’re already receiving home care, and you’re happy with the provider you have now, don’t worry – nothing will change for you.

In fact, you’ll continue to receive your care and services as per your existing home care package.

What about if you’re waiting to receive home care?

Well, if you’ve been accessed as eligible for a home care package there’s two things that will happen.

If you find a suitable provider before February 27, then you can still enter into a home care agreement with them.

If not, then My Aged Care will get in touch with you when a suitable home care package becomes available.

If you do have any questions, you can always get in touch with My Aged Care by visiting or calling  1800 200 422.

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