'Online Wallets' offer a more secure way to spend online

If you are looking for a better way to purchase items online than and you haven’t already tried an “online wallet”, then it might be time to give one a try. It can make spending, and even receiving, money online simpler and more secure.  The biggest of the ‘online wallet’ available is PayPal.

It’s hard to know what websites are the most secure when purchasing online. While most claim to have the highest security available it would still be nice to have a piece of mind. PayPal gives you the ability to register your credit card or bank account with PayPal and use your PayPal account to make purchases from websites that have the PayPal option. Essentially it makes this platform a trusted middleman that you give the money to and pays someone else on your behalf. It gives you piece of mind, but allows you to keep making the purchases you want to make.

PayPal is also a fantastic tool if you conduct your own small business online. It allows you to accept money, without giving out your bank details and even sends invoices to clients. This option is available in the free version of PayPal, but if you need more advanced business tools, there are business packages available for a small monthly fee. It is a must if you buy or sell on the auction website eBay.

Another great feature of using PayPal is easy to use mobile app allowing you all the features of the site on your mobile or tablet device. Using the app, you can make purchases from the Apple Store, Google Play, and the Windows Marketplace online app stores. Using the app makes purchasing apps, or paying for services like Netflix, a simple task that can be done with confidence that your personal data is secure.

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We mentioned above that you can receive funds with PayPal from either your home business or even as gifts for friends or family. This money can either sit in your PayPal account and be used to make your online purchases or can be withdrawn to your nominated debit card or bank account.

PayPal is probably the most well known and accepted forms of an ‘online wallet’, however there are other services available for the same use. The consumer review website Choice has its peer-reviewed comparison of the best services to use.

While the service you use is a personal selection of service needs it’s all about being safe online and enjoying your shopping experience.

Do you use an online wallet for your online shopping? Have you used PayPal?

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