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The age pension will be increasing slightly on the 20th March 2015 in line with quarterly indexation.

The disability support pension and carer payment rates will also increase.

The new fortnightly rates are:

Single or separated by illness base: $782.20 Β [Pension supplement: $63.90]

Couple (each eligible member) base: $589.60 [Pension supplement $48.20]

Pension supplement basic for single or separated by illness: $22.30

Pension supplement basic for couple (each): $18.50

Pension supplement minimum for single or separated by illness: $34.40

Pension supplement minimum for couple (each): $25.90


Tell us, will the increase make a difference to you?

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  1. Not for me. I’m 65, retirement age, but can’t stop working, because my husband is 7 years younger than me, so that means, I to work till he retires. I will be one of the over 70’s still working, so that we can survive!

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    • Karen
      Join the club. My husband is 7 years younger than me also and I had to (also wanted to) work till I was 71 although my age pension age was 62 and a half. I don’t think they had thought about situations like yours and mine but still great to have a younger man in my life!!

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    • work if you can….because they only take it from you… doesnt matter what we do who we are how old we are they dont like us and will push us to the wall any way.. we are slaves to the elite…

    • I’m in the same boat My husband is 6year 8 months younger I will be 70 this year. So I will be over 70 by the time we can retire & travel. Stay young & healthy I believe women live much longer than men

    • I’m in the same boat Karen. Not working though, still needed by older and younger family members!

    • My husband is 3 years younger< I am 65 soon, but I can't get a job – I wish I could and life would be much easier

    • Julie – the Australian Bureau of Statistics are looking for address canvassers (they put you you own neighbourhood) – it pays about $670 for a 32-hour week (which you work out how you want to do that time) and it goes on for 6 months. Just go to their website and check it out – applications don’t close until next Saturday.

    • I am like Julie Thompson, my husband is younger by 31/2 years, I am 66, and have not been able to gain employment in Bundaberg. really it feels like 2 steps forward and 6 backward as pensions do not keep up with the rise in utilities etc.

  2. yes it will be a help, contrary to the opinions of some, pensioners are not greedy, I pride myself on managing myself without ever asking anyone for help, but sometimes it gets hard especially when all the bills seem to come in together. But I would struggle with less far more than I am struggling now

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    • Agree Libbi, no moaning here, the Medibank private rates are going up also, not too much I hope. I also pride myself on how well I manage on the single pension. Feel sorry for anyone paying rent however.

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      • Medibank rates are going up to $161.00 per fortnight with excess of $250.00

      • I was a bit amused at the comments about being “sorry for the people who rent.” I have just sold my house (have been a home owner and tax payer for over 30 years). Over the last 12 months it has been a struggle with mortgage payments, rates, and don’t get me started on Tas Water fees, home insurance etc. So I decided to sell and rent. With Centrelink now paying me rent assistance I have never been better off. Wish I had done this years ago. πŸ™‚

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        • You may find it easier because you have extra from the sale of your house, In my case we had to sell due to my husbands illness and we walked out with a 3 figure sum after selling the house and paying it back to the bank. I find it a struggle with the pension alone paying rent and bills ( my husband passed away 18mths ago ) and it is not easy I am left with just over $300 for the fortnight and have to pay the bills and food from that. It is the self funded retirees who say they can manage to live on the pension, Of course they can as they have extra to fall back on if needed. I am not complaining but if the government stopped paying the dole bludgers to feed their drug habit maybe the pensioners would get a bit more.

    • It depends on what your rent is etc. At first I thought good for you if your managing ok, with only a bit of a struggle. Then I re-read it and the word pride jumped out at me. No body is better than anyone else. We all have different expenditure.

    • I am not going to complain because this Liberal Government wants to cut the CPI rise that means that within 10 years we will be $80 per week worse off..yes it is a lousy amount but they have worse in store for us than this if the senate passes this bill, The Government has stopped funding our concession cards so we are at the mercy of the states and they could stop funding it at any time

    • Sandra O’Donnell bet it is pride..the charities are struggling now with so many who just can’t cope with paying all the bills.. Charities don’t need me lobbing up there putting more of a strain on them, I like to help .. not hinder. Some pensioners are far worse off than I am and I am sure not rich and I would rather they get help than me if I can manage by myself

    • Joan Martin I pay rent too $600 a fortnight..I can sympathize with you it is not easy

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      • Me too Libby. I live in my one bedroom unit but have to pay $280 fortnight for the mortgage loan from Homestart. On top of that I have strata fees which is another $290 every three months. I am finding it very hard to keep in touch with all the bills. As we only have one water meter for us all and there are 13 units we all have to pay 1/13 of the total bill. Its really hard to manage at the moment and I can’t see it getting any easier

    • I think we are all in the same boat..any increase is better than no increase. ..mind you its probably going to be eaten up with my health fund increase….that health fund is the one thing i won’t give up…um rent well i guess again a lot of us in the same boat…big rents but what can we do gotta live somewhere and rents in sydney are not getting any cheaper. ..i pay $570 p/f its just life as it is…

    • Are you getting the same pension I am Pension up $3 a month Health Insurance up $8.00 a month House Insurance will be up

    • yes the same as you and I am finding it hard too..but look from my perspective, we need to be glad of any increase..the thing we don’t want is a decrease

    • well it just came on Foxtel that our National debt is now 5 times more than when Labor was in Government..5 bloody times..and they not given it to the better contact that Liberal MP that you Liberals voted for and tell them to stop wasting Australia’s money

    • I rent a Department of Housing house and wheever we get a rise 25% goes to extra rent but that is nothing compared to some on hete with their outragous rents

    • Leanna Stephenson,you must have a very short memory,it was labor that created the debt in the first place.

    • yes Gerry McGinty they got us through the GFC without having a recession but Leanna is right I heard that on the abc last night..this is a Government who has not cost us 5 times more debt than we had under Labor and we have nothing to show for it

  3. $2.17 a fortnight for me. That will go a long way in my savings to visit my son in Canada. πŸ˜‰

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    • it is not a fortune , but if we save it, it can help to take us a lot farther than we can go now, I won’t spend mine and come Christmas I can pay a bill and relax a bit πŸ™‚

    • Me too, I have started a savings fund to visit my son in Canada next year. It will go to that. πŸ™‚

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    • Good you can save on government money and go to Canada next year. I work and can’t afford to go. I have to pay tax on my income .

    • Well thanks Shirley. I have been looking for work. Don’t want to be on government money and so far I have saved $15. I worked and paid taxes for forty years. I said I want to go, didn’t say I would ever get there, but I want to try. I live a very meagre life right now and would love to be at work. Judge not what you know nothing about. Have a great day.:)

    • Thought this was a site for over sixties – seems a lot of spiteful under sixties are feeling entitled to not only comment the site but to be disrespectful to people they know nothing about. Wonder how smart their mouths will be when they reach retirement. Karma people, karma.

    • Seems if people get family benefits and baby bonuses with which they get a lovely new tv that’s ok, they’re entitled to it. They’ve paid taxes for a few years. When aged pensions get an aged pension after startng work anywhere from 13 to 15 till they are 65, so payed 42 plus years of tax, they’re bludgers on benefits getting government money. If we dared to tell them what to do with their government money, ie baby bonus, family benefits all hell would break loose, tied think it was none of our business, yet they feel quite entitled to tell the aged what to do with theirs.

      Their smart mouths I guess make up for their less than smart brains.

      They think they know it all. They do not know before they run their mouths off at aged pensioners that after the war Robert Menzies increased the personal income tax so people could be guaranteed a pension when they retired. It was forward thinking. They needed to populate the country, they increased immigration, gave people a few shillings to have babies, and planned ahead for the day all these baby boomers would retire by increasing the personal tax and establishing a pension fund.

      Paul Keating introduced super. He knew it would take about three generations to work, so gen y would be the first generation to be self funded. However, he then took all that money rolled it into general revenue,didn’t leave enough for the baby boomers Menzies planned for let alone gen x, and has created this problem. That was not government money, it was money paid by the taxpayers into a pension fund to guarantee them a pension on retirement, successive governments just reaped the rewards of all that extra cash and none of them went back and fixed it because they were plain greedy.

      If I were gen x I’d be siding with baby boomers and demanding the pensions they are paying for.
      Instead they think by supporting the government propaganda of baby boomers are the cause of us having no money. They might think they are going to get more money for themselves by supporting the government let’s take away pensions policy, but in reality they are helping the government to rip them off. We are fighting for pensions we paid for. Gen x don’t seem to know they are supporting this government in taking extra tax from them to cover an aged pension they will never get if they’re not careful.

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      • thats right all the infrastructure eg polls and wires medicare power stations, superannuation roads and rail hospitals water was paid for with tax payers money now there’s none left for the people who paid for it, it’s all right just give mine to gina rinehart she really needs it hahahahaha

    • Wy are so many people jealous of us?, because we get some pension for all the years hard working and helping to make it a more prosperous Australia. A hole lot of people here and overseas have now the benefits

    • The public is not responsible to fund all your overseas travels.

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      • My Government is not funding my travel, my pension is money the Government owes me for paying taxes for 50 years part of which was supposed to go into a pension fund. In reality we should be getting way more. I now live in Chiang Mai, Thailand where everything is a 1/3 cheaper. My large house I rent at San Sai costs $129 au a month. Food from the local open air market is very cheap i.e. 1kg pork 3 – $5 au

  4. What does $5.50 extra per fortnight do for you when the cost of living goes up plus utilities cost?

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    • It is $5.50 you didn’t have before though Ann. That’s $143 a year you can put to something else. πŸ™‚

    • Diane Star-Wisher – do you have anything positive to say? I say stop raining on everyone’s parade!

    • It’s her opinion Sue & she is entitled to speak as are you. But, you watch the prices in the supermarkets go up.

    • Anne my health insurance has increased by $14.75 per fortnight so it doesn’t even cover that increase.

    • Yes, our health insurance has gone up. We are also going to be slugged with another electricity rise. So that money will go nowhere.

    • I got my power bill a few weeks ago Ann..I nearly had a was $80 more than my last bill..I have no idea where this carbon tax money Abbott says we are saving is..but it is not making my bill any smaller

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      • Libbi Elliot. I have recently changed power companies, but at the start of this month I received a form from my previous company asking me to check details were correct and mail it back to them. They will send me a cheque for about $36.00. Not much but better in my pocket. It’s carbon tax refund. Think they’re all dragging the chain in that area.

    • My electricity bill was $95 dollars higher than my last one & we have been told the here in SA we have the highest rates in Australia. I am very economic with my power too Libbi. We need to get the grey power back up & running. There are more of us now than there are of them. The politicians have no idea how real Australians live. Look at their perks & their salaries.

  5. yet the unemployment seems to be More, & some are too lazy to go out & get a Job.. if a 13yr old can get a job whycan’t a 21 yr, too fussy these days

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    • Naoise, I have been trying to get work for six months and have quite a few qualifications. It is hard to get work at any age. The majority of people look really hard no matter what age….

    • Yes, under National the law has changed to make it harder for people to get permanent reasonably paid work. Employers can employ young people cheaply then fire them on the 89th day to save themselves from paying sick pay or holiday pay. So a 21 year old is not necessarily “fussy” just not the cheapest option for employers.

    • i didnt think a 13 yr old was allowed to work…. and what would be the wage per hour for a 13 yr old…. there is not the work out there for adults that dont have a yr 12 certificate

    • A lot of younger people are unreliable ie don’t show for work on Mon & Fri, turn up to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs where older people don’t do these & therefore cost the company less in the long run

    • an older person has more skills and patience and know how, just sad tho older persons are shoved on the no work pile.

    • I was a cook/supervisor for many years and the attitudes of Gen Y stressed me, my doctor suggested a career change for a while. Well I went night cleaning, huge amount of jobs available for it. The work was clean excuse the pun πŸ™‚ office cleaning, and I couldn’t believe the wage! Mostly over $1,000 week !! No responsibilities, cannot understand people not working it unless they think they are too good. I stayed there til doctors medically retired me with irreparable osteo. No operations will help me.

    • it is just that I saw tha tprogram on CA last night & that young lass was getting more than aged pensioners to stay home! I must be behind times but where is justice there, we had to work when we were young no help on our own with kids? there iss so much or so many handouts, but it is to the older persons loss, they expect us to work to 75 but cannot supply Jobs. so sad.

    • many young or older unemployed are unwilling to move out their comfort zone to look for a job

    • Not everyone has confidence to get jobs. Especially when they don’t exist until you move or travel.
      What’s this bagging people about work got to do with our pension increase?
      At least now we can afford toilet paper. $2.25 a week that’s an insult.

  6. & as quick as a flash the daily rates in aged care homes will go up too πŸ™

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    • That will be a shame if that happens. Maybe they’re the sort of things we should fight to stop happening.

    • It happened last time there was an increase in the pension. πŸ™ After my father’s paid daily aged care fees, private health cover, phone & daily paper, his pension’s often taken up & sometimes some of his modest savings, depending on the monthly pharmacy bill. Aged care facilities also receive the combined interests on the obscenely huge bonds they demand, which often necessitate selling a home to pay for a room with a private bathroom, if you’re lucky. Fran I don’t think ordinary folk can stop the powerful aged care providers from increasing fees & bonds.

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