Labor says they have some “election winning” budget policies to announce

Just the mentioning of the word “Election” has many saying “enough!” but with Labor’s new budget announcements, there is now

Just the mentioning of the word “Election” has many saying “enough!” but with Labor’s new budget announcements, there is now reasons to be interested.

With a focus on families and bringing the budget back to surplus, Bill Shorten and Chris Bowen will be announcing Labor’s top budget policies later today. Many are expecting that the announcement will cover the need for the government to support those indeed over sending money overseas while also tackling older budget items still stuck in parliament from the Abbott/Hockey Budget.

Speaking of these earlier budget issues, a Labor spokesperson said “We will resolve not to oppose some measures, and confirm our continued opposition to others. The ones we commit to reverse will be removed from our bottom line. This will mean the government’s budget contains unlegislated zombie measures, but ours will not.”

While the exact details are set to be announced later today, it is showing that Labor is showing up to this election ready to fight future planning policies with the LNP.

The party spokesperson concluding “We will announce some new measures that better target family payments, while protecting those who need to support the most. Families will still be better off under Labor”.

What do you think that the major parties need to focus on to get the budget back in surplus? Who do you believe is the better party to deal with Australia’s economic future?


  1. Robin Henry  

    I was astonished. After years of irresponsible, un-budgeted spending, and after stopping bills passing through Parliament, now the Labor Government has finally woken up to the fact that spending can only occur if revenue is sufficient.

    While it would be good to see a bi-partisan approach and agreement on some of the big issues facing Australia, we all know that isn’t going to happen, but now Labor has decided the LNP policies were sensible for Australia and will adopt them of they get elected.

    Cuts need to be made in many areas of government expenditure if we are go get the deficit in order. The only thing I agree with Labor is with the issue of getting tax from multi-national companies. I’d go a step further and stop providing tax relief to supernatural entities also. Organisations like the Catholic Church hardly need taxpayers’ support.

  2. Why on earth does anyone even believe what they spruke. They never keep their promises, neither party. With debt currently running at over $400 trillion they’re throwing money around like it’s going out of fashion. Neither party has a proper plan to reign in the debt. The Greens & Nationals are also complicit. We need to re-boot the government and get people in there who want to do something for Australia and its population. Vote minor parties & Independents.

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