"Just call grandma" - Dad has rejected kids request with witty letter

Somehow, we doubt this story’s authenticity. But it’s a great laugh all the same!

The following image was recently shared to Reddit, where it has since gotten millions of views.

The following six-year-old’s request for a loan of $20 has been rejected by his father, who explained the situation with the following letter from DAD Savings & Loan.

Image source: Sonan303 on Imgur

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We love the cheeky little details in this – especially providing the mother’s number for the complaints department.

But it was one particular reader response that really resonated with us at Starts at 60:
 “This kid is going to call Grandma Inc”.

Something tell us that financial institution will be a lot more generous.

Do you treat your grandkids to bonus pocket money? Would you be a little more trusting than this father?

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