Judge rules over Prince's estate, amongst strange claims

Prince performing during half-time for Super Bowl in 2007.

With no will and no children recognised, Prince’s six siblings are the heirs to his estate, a Minnesota judge has ruled.

Kevin Eide, the Carver County judge said Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson and his five half-siblings were the heirs. “The heirs of the estate are determined to be Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson and Tyka Nelson,” the order read.

No-one is getting their hands on anything just yet. Access to the famous performers fortune, estimated to be around $US300 million ($400 million) is on hold while an appeals process is in place, for anyone else to put forward a claim.

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There have been some bizarre claims made already, without success. One woman claimed to have been secretly married to Prince, after a secret wedding in Las Vegas. A musician has also claimed Prince agreed to give him his whole estate, a deal  made on a tour bus.

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Prince died suddenly last year age 57, at his Paisley Park estate, from an accidental overdose of powerful painkillers.

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