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Our mobile phones have become much more than a device to call and text our friends and family – they’re crucial to staying connected and in the loop. But at what cost? We mean literal cost!

How often do you receive a bill, only to be unhappy with the price or see charges you didn’t know were there?

Well, you may be surprised to know there are much better deals out there, and even if you are locked into a contract and think you can’t change, you may be able to. Telcos change their plans all the time so chances are that you could be getting the same plan for less, but your provider hasn’t told you.

It’s important to note that although there are dozens of service providers, only Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have their own towers and distribute down. For example, if you use Dodo as your service provider, they run off the Optus network.

Here’s the best deals for a number of situations.

If you are already in a 12 or 24 month contract, it still pays to look around for the best deals. These are three examples of different needs and plans to match:

  • Mary uses her phone everyday for emails, as well as a lot of calls and texts. She loves Facebook and watching YouTube videos.

    amaysim BYO UNLIMITED 7GB + 4GB pack

    Contract: None, auto-renews every month
    Network: Optus 4G Plus network
    Calls: Unlimited plus unlimited international calls to 10 selected countries
    Texts: Unlimited
    Data: 11GB
    Cost: $69.80

    Telstra $70 Go Mobile Casual Plan

    Contract: None
    Calls: Unlimited national calls
    Texts: Unlimited national SMS
    Data: 10GB
    Cost: $70

    TeleChoice LIVE $48 Plan

    Contract: 12 months
    Network: Telstra
    Calls: Unlimited standard national calls + 200 international minutes included
    Texts: Unlimited standard SMS
    Data: 9GB (5GB plan data + 4GB bonus data)
    Cost: $48

  • John uses his phone every now and then and likes to text and call his family, and uses Facebook once a day. He also likes to read the news and play games.

    Jeenee Mobile $35 Pennywise Unlimited Plan

    Contract: None
    Network: Optus 4G Mobile Network in available areas
    Calls: Unlimited national calls + $300 Value for international calls
    Texts: Unlimited national texts
    Data: 6GB
    Cost: $35

    Vaya Unlimited XL Plan

    Contract: None
    Network: Optus 4G Plus Mobile Network
    Calls: Unlimited national calls
    Texts: Unlimited national texts
    Data: 7GB
    Cost: $36

  • Lisa rarely uses her phone and only goes on the internet a couple of times a week

    Vaya Power Plan L

    Contract: None
    Network: Optus 4G Plus Mobile Network
    Calls and texts: $650 included value
    Data: 3GB
    Cost: $26

    amaysim UNLIMITED 3GB

    Contract: None
    Network: Optus 4G Plus network
    Calls: Unlimited national calls + standard international calls to 10 selected countries
    Text: Unlimited standard text to 32 select countries
    Data: 3GB
    Cost: $29.90

What phone company are you with? Do you like their service? Would you consider changing? Tell us below.

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  1. You missed some cheap services. After reviewing all available plans 2 years ago I discovered a pre-paid plan offered by Aldi (Medion brand). The stand out feature is anything you pre-pay on the plan is credited on your account for 365 days, (with many others the credit was lost after much shorter periods eg 45 days). I recharge in $30 amounts from a credit card using my an iphone app (convenient & speedy) and this means some times I can go 5 or 6 weeks before another recharge depending on usage so I’m not paying a monthly amount. The service uses Telstra’s network so coverage is good, many big brand telcos say they have coverage but I found in reality they don’t. For very light phone users this type of plan is perfect & no contract payments.

  2. Where we live have to use Telstra as none of the others provide a good coverage. Would be interested in seeing which others use the Telstra Network.
    At present I use Telstra prepaid and have a long life plan, which I have used for a number of years.

  3. I am with Vodafone and was paying $70 a month which only included $400 talking time, I approached them for something better, I now have free talking time and still pay the same amount, it’s worth going up to your provider to see if they can do a better deal, before you change.

  4. Wow! Up to $70 per month just for the phone?
    I’m happy to be still using my landline as 99.99% of the time I have no need or desire to be mobile when I’m on the phone.
    Plus I just can’t stand those hard to use TINY FLAT HANDSETS where both the microphone and earpiece are at the side of your head. And what about the radiation streaming into your brain ….?
    I much prefer a properly shaped handset with the microphone properly situated in front of my mouth.
    Also, when I’m put on hold, I can just switch to speakerphone and can wait as long as necessary without incurring HUGE timed call charges. Very handy when calling, say, Centrelink!
    I’m with Telstra and pay just $65 per month for both broadband and telephone line rental. I have a mobile for emergencies when I’m not home e.g. to call road service etc. But 99.9% of the time it’s switched off.
    Very happy about avoiding exorbitant mobile charges.

  5. TPG has some very good plans for data and phone

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