It’s official! Power bills set to rise from next year

It is usually a hot election issue, but now the Government has made it official, power prices in Australia are

It is usually a hot election issue, but now the Government has made it official, power prices in Australia are going to rise from next year.

On average, the yearly electricity bill is going to go up to $40 which Australian Energy Market Commission Chairman, John Pierce, suggest two main reasons. The first reason is because of the Federal Government’s commitment to the renewable energy target. The second reason being the closure of Hazelwood coal power station in Victoria.

In a statement to the media, Mr Peirce stated “Across the national electricity market the generation mix is changing — with the large-scale renewable energy target leading to substantial investment in wind generation,” he said in a statement.

“This is contributing to the closure of coal-fired plants and increasing wholesale and retail prices.”

According to the AEMC report, once the Hazelwood plant was closed $78 was added to the national average yearly power bill, while Tasmanians were socked with $204 rise and Victorians with a $99 rise.

At this stage the only areas of the country that will not see a rise in their power bills from next June are Tasmania, who already had a massive hike and Queensland.

The Federal Government is currentaly reviewing its renewable energy policies while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promises his government will not introduce an emission trading scheme so that they can help hold the reignas from keeping the energy price increasing.

  1. Guy Flavell  

    It’s a disgraceful state of affairs. All this dishonest crap about drastic climate change and the
    urgent need for renewable energy. Use our bloody huge reserves of coal and gas and be done with it.
    Wind farms and solar are NOT the answer … in fact a complete joke. Drop out of the ‘Paris Accord’
    and ensure that our coal and gas is as clean as possible. Show the World we CAN produce energy
    cheaply and cleanly !!! The Australian voters will only put up with so much if Governments keep
    bowing to the obnoxious Green elements insisting we follow the path of unreliable and costly renewable energy.

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