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This is one of the biggest questions holding over 60s back from living the dream on the road – how do they manage their affairs from afar? When you’re accustomed to managing things like banking, bills, communications, healthcare and reading the newspaper from the comfort of your home, it can be a big roadblock to getting out there and trying the nomad lifestyle.

But, technology is here to help us – there are apps for just about everything to do with nomading. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most helpful apps for grey nomads (and long term travellers too!).


To manage your money:

To manage your finances, super and even pay your bills, all you need to do is download the app for your bank on your phone or tablet. Most banks have an app that is available to Apple iOS and Android users, allowing them to transfer money, pay bills, pay other people, set up direct debits and start or stop payments. It is also becoming increasingly popular for super funds to have apps for their members to view and manage accounts, so check your super account website too.

To manage your mail:

The first thing to do is switch all of your paper mail, bills and notices over to electronic copies that are emailed. Some won’t be available in electronic format for legal reasons so for these, you can use a mail redirect service. Companies including SOS Mail and PortMail Redirect can help you out with this. Then, to track and make sure your parcels and post make it to the designated centre, you can use the Australia Post app.

To manage your health:

Firstly, to manage your health in real terms, you can download several different apps like the Bupa health app or My FitnessPal. Or, if you’d like to track your health status, you can use an app like Symple – log any symptoms or any unusual health issues and when you go to the doctor you have a complete record of them all. And although we don’t condone self diagnosis in the slightest (if you have any medical problems you should see a doctor straight away), it can be handy having information on health problems straight away. For this, iTriage Health or WebMD is available.

To manage your government affairs:

If you do anything through Centrelink, then you need to download Express Plus Seniors. This is a Government-created app that will notify you of changes and updates to systems. It will become the notification centre and replace posted letters and by using it, you will have priority access in contacting the department.

To manage your news:

While you’re on the road, you can’t always find a newspaper at the corner store as it might be a few hours drive away. But, with an internet connection and the right websites and apps you can make sure you stay up to date. Firstly, sign up to the Starts at 60 daily email to get your dose of information. Secondly, download the Daily Mail app. This will keep you informed on everything from current affairs, government, sport, entertainment and more without having to pay for it.

To manage your communication:

You will need to download your service provider app – there’s ones for Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and more. This will allow you to recharge, check your balance and stay up to date on service notifications. Then, make sure you have apps like Viber and Skype so you can communicate with the family without driving up big phone bills. As long as you have a good internet connection that is all you need.

To manage your documents:

When you’re travelling, there’s a collection of documents that come with you too. The passports, the credit cards, drivers’ licences, health records and more. So to make sure you always have electronic copies of those ready to go in case you get lost, download an app like SecureSafe. This will password protect your document copies and they’re always available should you need them in an emergency.


So grey nomads, are there any other apps you use and would like to share with the community? Or, what apps come in handy? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. not for me, I am on the back end of my life and my time with my family is precious, perhaps if I was younger I might think about it but not now

  2. We were in Great Britain and Europe recently for 8 weeks and had fantastic communication using FaceTime on iPad.
    I kept a diary (written and photographic) on Travelpod which I was able to post daily on either email or Facebook.

  3. We’ve bought the big 4wheel drive, including a tow bar, so all we need now is to decide on a van then it should be all systems go.

  4. A lady on here had some sort of emergency tracker/ GPS thing but I can’t remember the name of it. Can anyone help?

    1 REPLY
    • I have Emergency (red background. white cross with Emergency ) When you open it it has 3 phone numbers and tells you exactly where you are.

  5. I’m just curious are all grey nomads people who have spent their lives living in the one place and never travelled anywhere in their lives. I lived my whole life moving around most of Australia PNG and Fiji now all I want is to live quietly in a country town.

    5 REPLY
    • I have not lived in too many places, but I’ve travelled to 27 countries. I’d like to see more of Australia, especially the north and west.

    • We want to see all of Australia and we like having the freedom to visit family but not be under their feet. Love having our own space and we like attending music festivals and meeting some lovely people. We have done our years being involved in clubs and dont do it anymore, now its gypsy time life

    • We lived in a few places when our kids were little & did a lot of camping in tents (all we could afford) but always wanted to do extensive trips in Aust. What we had seen just whet our appetite for more. When my husband was 65 we sold our house, bought a caravan and have spent the

    • Oops pressed the wrong button…… When my husband was 60 we sold our house, bought a van and have spent the last 15 years travelling around Aust & haven’t finished yet. There is so much to see, so many friends we have met on the road to visit I don’t think we will ever stop.

    • You are a retired grey nomad. You have done it all.

  6. When my husband turns 55 (in 2018) he wants to take a year off so we can do ‘the big loop’ and earn a bit of fuel money along the way. Plenty of time to plan.

  7. I seriously wonder how on earth I even managed our trip in 1989 without all this technology. My ex and I took our 3 sons aged 5,7 and 9 to the USA for 6 months, bought a motor home and were on the road for nearly 5 months. We had no internet, no mobile phones, no email etc. We planned it by writing letters to places over there and awaiting a rply (3 week turn around), getting up in the middle of the night here to make phone calls and reading books. When there we only contacted home once every fortnight from a pay phone for 3 minutes (cost $9) apart from that we were cut off from anything that was going on overseas as American papers are so parochial. It was an AMAZING trip, we stayed mainly in State and Fed parks, wilderness areas and mostly kept away from big cities. Would not trade one cent or one minute of that time.

  8. We will go to Darwin next winter (3 month’s) will stay st our niece’s place out of Darwin past Humpty Doo.
    We traveled and worked for four years 69-73 on the east coast with two little girls…A little boy arrived in 72…..
    94 we set off again on our own for 8 months and this time bought a bag phone while in Cairns, after seeing a friend have one in Darwin. ..
    Not sure if we would do it again as we have built hete and iam not one to sell everything and buy caravan & vehicle as I like a place to be able to return home and put my feet on the ground!

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