How to handle a pushy salesperson

Trying to make a big ticket purchase is stressful enough, but the utter sense of dread that can come over

Trying to make a big ticket purchase is stressful enough, but the utter sense of dread that can come over you as the salesperson circles you like a vulture can only add to it. What can you do? What can be done to allow you to have a look and not be hounded? The answer is in the last question. You’re just looking.

There are a lot of websites that cater to the salesperson out there trying to earn a dollar, while taking a little bit more from your pocket than you intended to pay, and give them the inside tips. When really what they have done is handed you on a silver platter a ‘how to’ guide in getting what you want.

One sales website gives the ways consumers get the edge over salespeople and while they frame it as what to look out for, you can turn into a what to do to get that better deal.

Reject the first few offers
That salesperson wants to make a sale, which is fair enough as it’s their job, but they will do whatever they can do to make sure you are that sale. If you reject the first, and maybe even the second, offer without giving them a reason can cause a standoff. If you hold your ground long enough, the salesperson will blink, and you might get the best deal.

Delay your answer
Even if the offer that they give you is within your budget, delay your reply for as long as possible. “I’m going to discuss with my partner” or “I just need to check some numbers” are great ways to cause them to sweat on their offer. They might even knock it down a bit to get you to agree.

Watch the body language
Salespeople are told that you will watch their face to see if they are not truthful with the “this is the best offer you will find” line. They will be concentrating so hard on giving you the best poker face that their body language might give them away. The best signs of a sales fib are shuffling of feet or wringing of hands.

Talk to the competitor
Most places will offer “if you can find it cheaper we’ll beat it” policy. Call them on it. Do you research online and with the handy flyers filling up your mailbox to see if they are offering the best deal. Have them on you to show them in case they say their offer is the “best you’re going to find.”

This one is handy, but also the most uncomfortable. You came to look and possibly buy. If you leave silence after an offer, most salespeople will feel they need to fill the silence. A lot of the time that filler is info about the item, it’s worth, and any hidden discounts you might get. They want your sale.

The biggest thing to remember is that while they are trying to get you to buy, the reason they are trying to get you to buy is that this is their job. It’s how they support their families. Be mindful never to be disrespectful to a salesperson or treat them like “the enemy”. It’s a consumer competition where the winners get a good deal, and the other side gets a commission.

Do you have any tricks that you use to get the best price? What is your worst salesperson story?

  1. Joanne  

    Many years’ ago, hubby & I went shopping for MY first car.
    It was a Saturday morning, & we were casually dressed, but by no means ‘scruffy’.

    We went to the local Toyota dealer. One of their car models’ interested me.
    When I mentioned it, the car ‘salesman’ said to me, ‘ oh! But that car’s $10,,000’!
    So he made the first mistake in ‘Sales Rule Book 101’. He ASSUMED we couldn’t afford it!
    I just calmly replied, ‘I’ve my Chequebook with me’.
    So we checked under the bonnet, & left.

    On the Monday morning,, I phoned the State Office of Toyota, & spoke to their Manager.
    He was absolutely flabbergasted at the way that Salesman had dealt with us.
    What did he do?

    He organized for THAT salesman, to drop-off car model, that evening, for me to ‘test drive’ for a WEEK!

    I’ve had other ‘horror’ stories’, over the years’, from supposed sales people, but the above was the worst, due to the large amount of money to be spent.

  2. Kathy Robertson  

    My husband and I went to buy a new car for me. We went to a Volkswagon dealer in Hoppers Crossing, Vic.
    The salesman didn’t want to talk to me, I am assuming it was because I am female. I would ask him a question which ignored and kept talking to my husband even though he kept telling him that the car was for me.

    I started walking towards the Honda dealer next door, and even though my husband told the salesman he should talk to me because I was leaving he still ignored me. I have never in my life been treated like this.

    So I went next door and bought a brand new Honda and was treated like a queen, which is what I want when I buy a new car.

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