How pensioners can reduce their next energy bill

For some, an electricity or gas bill is a nuisance. For others, it can be a major financial concern. No

For some, an electricity or gas bill is a nuisance. For others, it can be a major financial concern. No matter what your situation, there are several tremendously helpful ways to ease the burden.

At this stage of life, every cent saved can lead to a more comfortable retirement. A few minutes of research – here and now – could make an enormous difference in the months and years to come.

Pensioner rebates

If you hold a Pensioner Concession Card, Queensland Seniors Card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card, you may be eligible for some very helpful rebates.

These payments can reimburse up $329.96 per year from your electricity and $69.73 per year for gas. Click here for more information.

Emergency financial assistance

If you have experienced a sudden emergency or short-term financial crisis, you could be eligible for the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme.

This one-off payment can cover up to $720 to help you pay your energy bill during a difficult time. Click here to learn more and find out if this can help in your situation.

Flexible payment plans

If you’re concerned about paying off your next bill on time, don’t hesitate to contact your energy provider and explain your concerns. In many cases, they may be able to offer some flexibility, such as payment plans that will allow you to pay back smaller amounts in short interviews.

Medical concessions

If you or a loved one have a medical condition that requires frequent energy use or air conditioning, there are some concession schemes that can help offset the extra costs. Click here to learn more.

Other vital questions to ask

  • Am I wasting electricity?
    Some small changes around the home can cut your energy costs considerably. Click here to learn some of the easiest, most effective energy saving tips.
  • Am I getting the best deal?
    If you’re able to choose your energy provider, there are some incredibly helpful online tools to help you compare the options – without needing to sift through sales jargon. Click here to find the best deal for you.

These are just a few of the many ways you can make your next payment easier. Click here to get started!

This post is sponsored by the Queensland Government and written by the Starts at 60 team. For more information on how to save on your next bill, please click here.

  1. [email protected]  

    How do I find out about medical concessions for electricity please

  2. Tim Janes  

    The current energy industry in NSW is like most things today, complicated. It is a pain to look for a new supplier every twelve months. Suppliers are so difficult to compare. There are different charges for off peak and normsl supply. Daily supply charges differ on OP an NS. Some supliers have exit penalties that differ from others. Some have diffrrent discounts than others and there is the direct debit discount. Then it depends on how much power you use. It is impossible to compare suppliers in an unknown future. Three teers of marketing is bound to make it more expensive. The name of the game seems to be make it as complicated as you possibly can so everyone is confused!

    • Tim
      I have shopped around over the last 6 years, and always come back to Energy Australia (originally Tru Energy when we moved to Albury in 2010).

      I currently receive a basic 3% discount and an extra 14% for electricity, and a basic 3 % and an extra 12% for my gas. These discounts are for paying my bills on time. Check out their website and find out if you are able to have their service. If you are, these discounts were for signing up on-line.

      Usually I pay something towards these bills every fortnight, so I don’t get ‘bill shock’ when they come in.

      If you do change suppliers, ask them for a payment card which they can send you so that you can start paying the bills before they arrive.

      Having these discounts have saved me several hundreds, if not into the thousands since first being with them.

      If you get an amazing discount coupon in your ‘junk mail’ from a rival supplier, and you aren’t getting the same discount from your energy supplier, talk to them and they will usually match the discounts.

      If you are changing your suppliers every 12 months or so, no wonder you are getting so confused.

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