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German household products manufacturer Bosch and Siemens have recalled around 170,000 freestanding gas ovens because of a risk they will explode.

According to the recall notice, those who own a freestanding dual fuel cooker with electric oven and gas cook top could be at risk. It says that under certain circumstances the adaptor between the gas supply and the appliance may crack, which can cause a potential gas leak.

Leaking gas may cause an explosion.

The models being recalled are HGV74W255A and HGV74W355A.
The models being recalled are HGV74W255A and HGV74W355A.

The affected ovens were produced between January 2009 and October 2011.

Consumers are advised to immediately check their appliance rating plate to confirm the Model Number (E-Nr) and Batch Number (FD) before going online to see if their model is affected.

If the product is found to be affected or if consumers have concerns further advice is to shut off the gas supply to the appliance and make contact with BSH Home Appliances.

You can also contact the toll-free repair helpline on 1300 955 742 (available Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day) to schedule repair.

Do you use gas or electric appliances to cook in your home? Are you affected by this recall?

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  1. Samsung ‘Mark II’, & ‘Mark III’, anyone?

    How bee difficult is it for a manufacturer, whose JOB it is, to build machines’ that don’t explode?
    Never heard of this happening 15-20, & more, years’ ago.

    Notice, they’re ALL made overseas’.

    The latest two from a country who used to pride itself on its’ quality goods.
    Just gets back to the ‘almighty dollar’, doesn’t it?

    Quality has been pushed aside for ‘cheap, & VERY nasty’, IMO.
    Wouldn’t have any of these brands’, even before all this kerfuffle, even if you gave one to me!

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