Here's why Aussie retirees should be counting their blessings

Is it time to celebrate Australia's success for happy retirees?

Many Aussies think there is no better place to retire in than Australia. And according to a recent study, we are up there with the best when it comes to being compared to the rest of the world.

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Australia placed sixth out of 43 countries in the Natixis Global Asset Management study, which looked at finances, economy, material wellbeing, quality of life and health.

Our Kiwi neighbours did one better, rating fifth. Top of the list was Norway, followed by Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden.

The Aussie results are mostly thanks to our quality of life and finances, giving us an overall score of 78 per cent. The report shows public finances in Australia are going well and we have improved in environmental factors, but our health score has decreased slightly.

The report is bad news for those living in the US or the UK. America dropped three spots from the last survey to rank at 17 while UK came in 18th.

The report says retirement security is challenged on many fronts across the globe. Slow growth, low interest rates, and the looming threat of inflation stretch the economics of retirement funding. With more people living longer, and with less support coming behind them, the ageing population brings world wide issues that needs addressing on many levels, which is highlighted by the report.

Do you agree that Australia is a great place for retirees?

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