The 5 rules you need to know if you’re re-gifting this Christmas

Dec 20, 2019
There are rules when it comes to re-gifting that you must follow. Source: Getty

Present shopping is well and truly in full swing with only days left until Christmas Day, and while you could battle for a carpark at the major shopping centres to buy those final few gifts, sometimes re-gifting seems like the better option. But is it okay to re-wrap a present you have been given and gift it to someone else?

It’s a topic which divides the population with some arguing if you’re not going to use it, then why not give it to someone who will? While others consider it a rude and unthoughtful move.

But one things for sure, it will save you a lot of money and help you to stick to your budget. However, if you’re considering re-gifting, you should at least follow a few rules to avoid any bad blood between family members and friends.

Don’t just re-gift for the sake of it

Don’t just re-gift something because you can’t be bothered competing with other shoppers in the lead up to Christmas. The gift should at least be something that the person will like, so if your work mate gets easily sunburnt and doesn’t enjoy the outdoors, don’t give them a tent.

The present should be something that you would otherwise buy them from the shops. It’s just a bonus that you already have it and don’t have to spend any extra money.

Remove the gift tag

Make sure to re-wrap the present and give it a new gift tag before handing it over to the new recipient. The last thing you want is for them to see it was originally meant for you, and you couldn’t even be bothered making it look nice for them.

Don’t re-gift meaningful presents

You may not like the gift that your sister gave you, but if you know she put a lot of thought into the gift and went out of her way to get it for you, then you probably should just keep it. It would be a real stab in the heart if she asked you one day where the present had gone and you told her you no longer have it.

Don’t re-gift family heirlooms

If you’ve been passed down grandad’s special candle stick or grandma’s broach then don’t just give it away. While you may not want to put it on the mantlepiece for everyone to see, it may hold a lot of importance to the family and shouldn’t be passed on to someone else.

Avoid re-gifting within your friendship circle

Even if you don’t like the present one of your friends gave you last year, don’t gift it this time around to someone else in the same friendship circle. It could lead to an embarrassing situation if they found out what happened and feelings could get hurt.

Instead consider giving it to one of your work colleagues or family members who you know will love it.

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Do you think re-gifting is okay? Is it something you do?

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