‘How much can I earn before it impacts my Age Pension entitlement?’

Feb 14, 2019
Deciding whether to work after retirement age, and if so, how much to work, is a careful balancing act to ensure your pension entitlement isn't impacted. Source: Getty

Q. I am eligible for the pension after the end of April 2019. I currently work full time but would like to reduce my hours as I am travelling an hour each way every day. My employees have asked me to stay on in a reduced capacity but I was wondering what you can earn before it affects the Age Pension and what the pension is reduced by if I work more than the maximum number of hours. I have tried to look this up on line without success, so I would really appreciate an uncomplicated answer to the above.

A.  If you go to my website www.noelwhittaker.com.au, you will find a pension calculator that will let you enter your own income details (or the details of what you expect to earn if you worked in a reduced capacity), and let the calculator tell you how much pension you would qualify for. The outcome will depend on whether you are a single or a couple.

Right now, the earnings cut-off figures are $79,736.80 per annum for a couple and $52,119.60 for a single. If you have financial investments such as shares or bank accounts, they will be given a deemed income that will also impact your pension payment. There is a deeming calculator on my website that you can use to tell you what deemed income Centrelink will attribute to your assets.

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