6 easy-to-understand budgeting tips you wish you’d known about earlier 18



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Living on the pension or just want to get some extra cash?

Not everyone is born with the ability to budget, but luckily there are many really smart ways to save money and do the things you love.

Here’s 6 of the easiest ways to save! Which will you try?

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  1. Fabulous wish i could print them all and keep them i would put them behind the pantry door

  2. who can afford a holiday ?

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    • I just posted
      The kids set up a holiday account.
      After my budget I put 1/3 into savings, 1/3 into emergency funds and 1/3 into holiday…
      I run a house alone and feed a 19 year ild lad alternate weeks.
      He does pay rhe $40 a month for the internet.

  3. A holiday on the pension. You gotta be jokin

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    • I do it.
      I dont drink coffee out like my mates…Id rather drink it on holidays.
      My kids have set up a holuday target saver for all those pressie times of year.
      What is left from my budget I put 1/3 into saving 1/3 into emergency funds and 1/3 into my holiday accout.

  4. “How to store your groceries”. So much plastic! No thank you – I’m trying to remove every bit of plastic wrapping/container from my home. My “tip” is to buy only as much as I need for immediate use.

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  5. You cant save much but you need to try. There are ways on a pension of seeing things, taking little holidays etc. Don’t ever give up trying guys.

  6. love the bananas bit. I buy them green and by the time I walk home ten minutes, they are ripe!!!!!

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