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Each year when Christmas comes around, we all start to feel the financial strains… Christmas presents, parties, food and fun cost us a lot. But, a global Christmas survey found that 35% of the Australian population are contributing $855 million to the economy just from buying gifts out of obligation.

According to The Daily Mail, Groupon revealed the findings today. Each Australian spends around $150 on these “obli-gifts” and some believe they spend upwards of $200.

So who are the receivers of these generous obli-gifts and why do we buy for them?

People like neighbours, colleagues, family friends, extended relatives, social club acquaintances, day-to-day people like the corner store owner, the grandkids’ babysitter and the receptionists at the local GP.

So tell us tonight, do you buy obli-gifts? Who for? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…


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  1. am donating to Smith Family this year instead of buying more crap that the kids don’t need and the kids are happy about it…. love ’em to bits.

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  2. I buy for children and grandchildren only. Friends have agreed no gifts any more. My sister and I haven’t exchanged gifts for years.

  3. We have secret santa with $100 limit for family, and I do buy some small gifts for friends and grandies, but mostly friends get ‘handmade’ items. Also buy hubby something. (Mind you sometimes it costs more to buy the supplies for the handmade stuff than if I actually bought a gift).

  4. I have been baking shortbread, rocky road, Christmas cake, choc balls, honey comb-failed ๐Ÿ™ and Christmas cake. I bought some cheap cellophane bags from Spot Light, some string with some nice stickers from the $2 shop and a few tiny branches from the garden. Bagged the rocky road and the recipient was thrilled to receive hand made food. It’s enjoyable giving something home made and I enjoyed cooking it too. No need to spend too much money, people understand that we aren’t all able to give generously. If u give inexpensive home made gifts early, people reciprocate in kind. It’s the thought that counts BUT the grandchildren get a little more… Merry Christmas and be safe on the roads, remember your mother adores you. Wx

  5. on a pension it can be difficult but i get all my friends and familly something small and the old saying goes its the thought that really counts

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    • You got it! It is the thought that count and what better than something that you may have made yourself! My Mother would always make biscuits for her Father for Christmas and other special occasions and he loved it…. it is that special personal touch that has been lost in commercialism these days…. ๐Ÿ™

    • Totally agree! I cook up a lot of presents

  6. I’m the same as Jansz Wendy I’m cooking a lot of xmas fare for the adults , mango and apricot chutney, xmas cakes soaked in brandy, white rocky road with chopped up Turkish delight , chicken pate, lots more. Christmas presents for the grannies.

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