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Tomorrow marks day one of the second indexed pension increase for 2014.

If you’re receiving an age pension, you’re getting a little bump each fortnight starting from tomorrow. While it isn’t a whole lot of money, it is enough for an extra bottle of milk and bread each week and let’s be honest… every dollar counts!

The pension will be increasing by the following amounts:

Age pension (single): $11.50 a fortnight better off

Age pension (couple): $17.40 a fortnight better off


They kick off tomorrow so it is good to keep it in mind so you can enjoy happy budgeting a little more room for fun.


Will this increase make a difference to you? Tell us in the comments below… 


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  1. Big deal $11.50 per FORTNIGHT! I live in a manufactured home village and I know that the site rent will be put up accordingly by a greedy park owner. AND this present government is planning to change the way the pension is indexed by linking it to the CPI only which will mean lesser increases in the future. I don’t think there has ever been a government more hated in Australia. Fairness is all we ask for.

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