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As we hit retirement age, it doesn’t matter if we have a lot in our super account, or are only living off the government pension – we all want to save money. Most of us revel in our thriftiness and are always look for new ways to keep dollars in our wallet.

You all see the get-rich-quick schemes but they aren’t always guaranteed to save you money. But we’ve found 20 of the best money saving tips that work and you might not have thought of before!


1. Cut down on food expenses by drinking more water

Over 30 per cent of Australians are chronically dehydrated, which can trigger a false feeling of hunger. Drink more water and see your food costs go down and your pant size.

2. Toilet train your cat

There’s tutorials online and it could save you hundreds every year

3. Use hand lotion instead of night cream

It has the same ingredients and can save you so much money.

4. Go on coupon websites before you shop

ShopaDocket, OzBargain and All the Deals are good places to start. Otherwise, simply Google “coupons for …..” or “discounts for …..”

5. Put natural honey on burns, cuts and irritated skin

Honey has healing properties and a jar will cost about $10 from the markets and last forever.

6. Sharpen disposable razors

Wait! Before you throw out that blunt razor, why not sharpen it? It’s as easy as running the razor along your arm in the direction of hair growth six or seven times. Alternatively, you can do this on your jean leg. One man online said he used the same disposable razor for years.

7. Go to the library

Libraries can often be ignored but they offer free books, internet, cheap printing, plus free hire of movies, games and they often have book clubs and activities.

8. Eat vegetarian meals

Save your wallet and your health but having one or two vegetarian meals a week.

9. Call your insurance and ask for a discount

It’s really as easy as that. As a loyal customer, you deserve a discount and as they say, if you never ask, you’ll never know.

10. Learn to upcycle furniture

Instead of buying brand new, why not make something old look new? Bunnings often have free DIY workshops which show you how to make some drab into something fab.

11. Put more air in your tyres

Fuel consumption can be impacted by how much air is in your tyres, and you can use a lot more petrol if you’re flat. Go to the servo every few weeks and check the levels.

12. Take a photo of a person you have lent something to

If you’ve ever lent something to a friend, you’ll know how easy it can be to remember exactly who has what. Take a photo of the person and item when they borrow something from you and look back at it every now and then.

13. Find free new hobbies in your area

There are plenty of free activities happening in your area – you just need to find out where. Check your local council’s website, or Google “activities in …. area”

14. Grow your own herbs

If you have a herb garden, then you will never have to buy expensive herbs from the supermarket and will save so much.

15. Have “no spend” days

Challenge yourself to go a day or two without spending anything.

16. Go grey

Go grey or back to your natural hair colour and see how much money you save on hairdresser trips.

17. Order water at restaurants

It’s tempting to order a wine, beer or soft drink at a restaurant but the costs can add up. Try self control and just have a water.

18. Try eBooks

eBooks are often 50 per cent cheaper (or more) than hardcovers. Amazon and Booktopia have eBooks available and the best part is that you can read them on a tablet or eReader – no more lugging around a huge book.

19. Go prepaid vs postpaid

Forget about a phone plan you’re locked in to – try a month-to-month one instead. Here’s some of the best plans available in Australia.

20. Lower the brightness on your TV

If you lower the brightness of your TV, you can reduce your bill by up 40 per cent.

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  1. I like to save money but refuse to be miserly. A small inexpensive treat once a week keeps me looking forward to next week – you can’t take your money with you. I’m a pensioner with very little savings but you’ve got to enjoy what little you have.

    1 REPLY
    • spend your money before you depart this earth,cause if you dont someone else will

  2. What a miserable life if did all of these things.

    2 REPLY
    • yes it would be Heather, but i do probably 1/2 of these things already out of necessity and it allows me to have a bit left over each fortnight for the pictures or a meal out with friends… Necessity is a great educator.

  3. Don’t know about putting hand cream or body lotion on face instead of night cream.. Any thoughts on this?

    1 REPLY
    • I purchase redwin Vitamin E cream from the supermarket and use it wherever I need to, and baby oil is great too!

  4. Thanks for the great ideas but a definite NO to 16 I’m not going grey for anyone thanks.
    Just not my colour.

  5. Well I think I save enough now,without being too frugal,as the others say if u don’t enjoy what u have well some-one else will.!!!

  6. Just what I was thinking Heather Hendry as my mum said long time dead buy that glass of wine out at dinner, water really?

  7. Rather stingy.. and I can’ t get over the ‘taking a photo – mug shot ??? – of the person you lent something to!!! Just keep your list.. and dont forget to include the items you have borrowed and from whom.

  8. Here’s a few more for you – don’t mow the lawn so often, think of all the petrol you will save and you won’t need to pay the council for your green waste bin either, saving even more ! If they have hard waste collections in your area it is a good opportunity to upgrade your furniture and TV and maybe your PC too! Don’t buy a new car just because your old one breaks down, just buy a workshop manual and a few tools you can fix it yourself ! Don’t go on holiday, the people living where you visit don’t like a lot of strangers in their town. Don’t bother flying anywhere as the airline staff treat you like a tourist, and you have to queue up for hours at the airport so the customs can check your bags and steal your nail polish remover .
    Also don’t bother growing your own vegge’s as the seeds cost a fortune and half of them don’t work, making it cheaper to buy them at the supermarket !!

  9. It is a wonderful hobby to grow your own veggies and fruit and everything tastes so much better.For hair colour henna is wonderful and so economical.

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