Seven things solo female travellers should do to stay safe overseas

Aug 17, 2018

The idea of travelling alone is intimidating enough as is. Unfortunately for women, this is made even more frightening because of their higher concern for safety. 

Safety is definitely a number one priority for women when they jet off on their own. However, always being cautious while you’re travelling can feel quite constricting.

So here are a few smart ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your trip while still feeling secure on your travels.  

Organise transport where you can

Pre-book your airport transfers and any other long drives you might be doing. If you book through a credited company not only will you feel much safer than if you ride in a taxi but you can also be sure you won’t be taken the long route for a few extra bucks.

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Watch what you’re wearing

It’s always important to check the dress code if you’re heading to a more conservative destination. If you forget to wear the appropriate clothing, you will most likely be denied entry or in even stricter countries you could risk getting into trouble with the law.

Learn key phrases

Normal, everyday sayings such as “hi” and “where is the bathroom” are all handy to know. However, if you ever feel in danger you should also learn a few cautionary questions such as how to ask for help or how to ask for directions.

Keep people updated

Even though you’re travelling solo, it’s important to stay in constant contact with people. Update your family and friends on your whereabouts whether it’s through a message or a post on your Facebook page. It’s best that those close to you are aware of your future plans and your current location in case anything happens.

Steer clear of dangerous areas

Every city has those few neighbourhoods that tourists should probably keep out of, so it’s best to know where they are before you travel. Read online travel forums prior to booking accommodation and talk to your hotel receptionist when exploring the city to scope out the areas you should avoid.

Join a day tour

If you want to go somewhere but you’re not quite ready or comfortable to be on your own, then sign up for a day tour. Not only will you meet some great people and learn some interesting facts but you will also feel more secure and relaxed.

Stay confident

Walk with your head high and maintain your confidence even if you feel lost or nervous. If you need directions or assistance, it’s best to head into a busy business and asking a worker than simply questioning people on the street. 

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While travelling on your own as a woman can be quite nerve wracking, it’s also an incredible way to explore cities and enjoy an itinerary that is exclusively chosen by you.

As long as you stay smart and aware of your surroundings, your holiday should go without a hitch!

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Have you ever travelled alone? Is it something you have thought about doing?

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