Life on the high seas: You can now ‘borrow a boat’ for your next holiday

Jun 28, 2018

Have you ever wanted to cruise through crystal clear waters of an exotic island with only you, your travel companions and a bottle of bubbly? Well, look no further.

The “sharing economy” is the new(ish) and cheaper way to enjoy experiences, and it’s officially taking over the world. People can share their cars, houses, pets and now even their boats. 

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A number of websites and apps have recently created a way for private boat owners to rent out their luxury vessels for a bit less. Known as the ‘Uber for boats’, international websites now make it easy for customers to sail the seas completely on their own. 

Peer-to-peer rental site, Borrow a Boat caters to over 50 countries worldwide with about 13,000 boats registered. They can take you through Greece, Croatia, Cuba or Egypt – to name a few. While larger rental site, Getmyboat, supplies 108,000 boats in over 184 countries internationally. 

Getmyboat also supplies sleep-aboards, paddle sports, snorkelling, houseboat rentals, fishing charters, diving trips and water sports. 

Don’t worry if you’re lacking vital sailing experience either, as you can specifically request a boat that supplies a skipper to serve you on your trip and discuss location routes with you. They can provide as much or as little input into your holiday as you like.

If you’re a proud boat owner who rarely finds the time to use your boat, then you can list it on the site to make a bit of money on the side.  

The downside to all of this is of course the fact that hiring a boat is not a cheap activity. While it might be the most memorable part of your holiday, depending on your choice of vessel, it could also be the most expensive.

Prices can range from AUD$2,000 a day for a newer and much larger yacht to $500 a day for a smaller motor yacht. The much larger and more impressive vessels are advertised as “price on request”. 

If you’re not looking to blow your whole holiday budget on one day-trip, then the site still has much cheaper and still luxurious options.

Simple sailboats can get down to around AUD$350 a day – still cheaper than most company-run tours and guides.

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These websites make it easier to hire boats for holidays, events or just for a relaxing day on the water. However, the best thing about it all is the ability to rent boats from locals who know the area better than anyone. They’ll be able to give you an insight into the everyday life in their home country as well as share a few local secrets that tour companies might miss. 

Boat-sharing sites have developed after accommodation website Airbnb took the travel world by storm. The site meant average people with a spare room, apartment or house could begin to earn quick cash by renting the space out to tourists. Using sharing sites allows tourists to immerse themselves deeper into the country they’re visiting and support the local economy.

Would you consider hiring a boat on your next holiday? Do you enjoy sailing?

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