How to avoid feeling lonely as a solo traveller

Sep 16, 2017

Anyone who has ever gone on holiday alone knows that travelling solo doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll spend much of your time alone. We reached out to the Travel at 60 community to find out what it’s really like to travel solo. They explained how dining out alone can actually be the perfect opportunity to meet people while travelling abroad alone.

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1. Impromptu dinner parties

“Travelling alone doesn’t stop me meeting lovely people while dining though! On one occasion two young ladies at the next table discovered it was my birthday and paid for my meal as they left, which I only found out when I went to pay. On a day tour some of the others in the group invited me to join them. Alone, but not alone!!”

— Denise Munro

2. Memories as a widow

“I’m a widow so I have started to travel and so often I eat alone. The only time I felt sad was in Rome. It was so magical and I had the biggest smile. I wished my husband was there with me but some people at a nearby table asked me to join them and we shared our pizzas and pasta plus wine. It was lovely.”

— Anne Jenkin

3. Cruising through

“On a cruise I will always eat breakfast and lunch in the main restaurant because it’s so easy to share with different people every day. One lunch I ate with three Belgian ladies, a Japanese couple and a couple from Mexico. Such variety!”

— Rosemary Miles

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4. Confidence comes with time

“I have travelled alone so often. It has gotten easier over the years as more women travel alone.”

— Robyn Stargatt

5. Airport travel talk

“I’ve had the ‘it’s a 50 minute wait for a table, unless you’re willing to share with someone’ dining experience. That was at an airport. I had no problem sharing, and met another solo female traveller. We exchanged travel stories as we enjoyed our meal together.”

— Janice Andrews

6. A whale of a time

“I travelled alone to Donsol in the Philippines to swim with whale sharks — a bucket list event. I ate every meal alone in the most beautiful setting ever right on the beach. It was the first time I have travelled alone overseas like that. And a wonderful experience that I will never forget and will do again. Highly recommend it.”

– Jennifer Rezmann

Responses have been edited for accuracy and readability. 

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