Couple finds disturbing surprise in their Airbnb bedroom

Oct 11, 2017

For many of us the first thing we do when we arrive at our accommodation for the night is to have a look good around while making ourselves at home. It’s normal to check out how comfy the bed is, see what the shower and bathroom is like, not to mention examining the contents of the mini bar or see if they’ve got a decent brand of coffee on offer. 

If you are in an Airbnb there might even be more to see. Often these will have little surprises, like a collection of books or board games, to keep you entertained in those quiet times during your stay.

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However it might pay to take a bit more attention while you are exploring, to make sure the little hidden surprise isn’t a bad one. 

One US couple found such a surprise while staying at an Airbnb in Florida, reported ABC Action News, Tampa Bay. To the untrained eye the master bedroom had what looked like your average smoke detector. However this one was above average, and luckily the occupant worked in tech and realised things weren’t quite as they seemed.

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What was discovered was a hole in the smoke detector containing a camera that was pointing right at their bed. 

This story does have a happy ending. The couple called the police, an SD card was found containing images of a few different couples and the home owner was charged. He was also banned from Airbnb although he’d been with the site for two years before the shocking disovery.

Police have put out requests for anyone who’d rented the room from the man, or had even just visited him, to contact them.

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Have you ever discovered something in your accommodation that shouldn't have been there?

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