‘The highlight of my life’: Bindi reveals Grace Warrior’s first word

Nov 24, 2021
Proud parent Bindi and Chandler continue to celebrate Grace Warriors milestones. Image Credit: Getty Images.

It’s a milestone moment for any new parents. Proud mum and dad Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell have revealed baby Grace Warrior’s first word. 

In an interview with the latest issue of Who Magazine last week, the couple announced that the eight-month-old’s first word was “da.” Given that her father’s 25th birthday was last week, November 14, you could say Grace’s first world was a belated birthday present. 

“’Hearing her say ‘Da’ and look at me was the highlight of my life,” Chandler told Who.


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Though many had hoped her first word would be “Steve”, “roo” or “croc”, which would have been amazing, it’s clear to see baby Grace adores her doting dad.

Bindi continued to explain how the pair have been captivated with being new parents since the birth of their baby girl in March of this year. 

“Time has no meaning for us anyone,” she said. “If you ask me what the date is today, I have no idea.”


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The couple only realise the passage of time when Grace reaches new milestones like this one. 

“It’s really funny it’s how we are calculating our days now…We are just absorbed in everything that has to do with her,” Bindi says. 

Grace has come a long way from her bibble-babbles and there’s no doubt “mama” may be her next word. Soon Australia Zoo visitors might hear her chatting away and telling everyone about life at the Zoo. 


What do you think her second word will be?

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