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Simple ways to feel like you’re on holiday every single day

Oct 15, 2021

If there’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on, it’s how we think about holidays. Many of us have been forced to reconsider what ‘taking a break’ looks like with travel plans derailed and budgets tighter than they were before.

Being on holiday is a state of mind. We don’t necessarily have to go anywhere to experience that feeling of freedom and the openness of new experiences in our day-to-day lives. Imagine if your holiday paradise was right at home.

Nurture your holiday mindset

Can you recall your favourite holiday experience? Do you remember what made it so special? A well-remembered holiday might include all those little luxuries that life at home doesn’t have, or maybe it had access to facilities that allowed you to clear your head and think with greater focus.

We can nurture your holiday mindset by bringing elements of luxury, mindfulness, energy and calm into our daily routine.

Get moving

One of the best ways to lower our stress levels is to exercise and when we’re on holiday that extra bit of activity tends to occur without too much thought. You might be someone who enjoys doing laps in a heated swimming pool, or maybe you prefer channelling your breath with some yoga or pilates.

Building exercise into your daily routine not only fosters a holiday vibe, but it has the added benefit of improving your mood and increasing your energy.

You are what you eat

A wonderful thing about being on holidays is the leisurely way in which we enjoy our food. Not only are we likely to eat better when we have the time to think about what goes into our bodies, but we are also more comfortable having long drawn-out meals with our loved ones in a restaurant and café when we are on holiday.

Enjoy the company of family and friends with access to a private resident’s kitchen and dining room. Image source: Altum Living.

With the weather heating up, alfresco dining and barbecues are also more popular ways to catch up with family and friends. Eating together allows us to connect, which has a positive influence on reducing anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Sleep easy

If you’re someone who tends to sleep better on holiday, perhaps you need to consider why that might be.

Practical luxuries, such as feeling safe and secure, being located away from main roads and other noise, and having the space to take in the scenery or breathe in the fresh air are all important factors that create a five-star feeling and help us achieve an easy sleep when we’re on break.

A good night’s sleep is vital to how we make decisions, control our emotions, retain important information and manage our stress. How amazing would it be if we could replicate the holiday experience in our own home?

Exploring the landscape

One of the joys of travel is being able to discover something new. However, we don’t have to be on holiday for this to be possible; with an open mind and a curiosity to discover, we can find all sorts of things close to home that might have been overlooked because we’ve not been in an exotic location.

Be a tourist in your own town by taking the time to explore local museums and culture. Discover the local shopping haunts or popular sporting and community clubs.

Even better is if you have a beach close by. Being able to indulge in the fresh salt air as you lie back on your beach towel, toes immersed in fine powdery sand, with the sun shining down on your face and body is the perfect way of disconnecting from the world around you.

Getting out of the daily rut, removing ourselves from the regular routine, is an easy way of refilling our cup if we feel it’s empty and it can help us feel like we’re on holiday even when we’re stuck at home.

Have your holiday at home

If you could live your life more like you were at a holiday retreat, would you do it?

A new development for the over-55s, Altum in Scarborough North, is offering its residents the chance to be spoilt for choice with a luxury standard of living. The modern apartments by Northerly will have you feeling like you’re on a permanent holiday.

Enjoy the stunning views from your very own apartment at Altum. Image source: Altum Living.

Residents will have access to resort-style facilities featuring a range of wellbeing-inspired amenities, including an indoor heated swimming pool, a yoga and pilates studio, a massage and treatment room, a hair and beauty salon, and a space for arts and crafts.

In addition to these five-star facilities, you’ll also have access to a lounge, café-style dining, breakfast bar, wine room, kitchen, library, gold class cinema, expansive alfresco area with barbecues, a men’s shed, surfboard room, bike store and three electric car charging stations.

Set in the iconic Western Australian suburb of Scarborough North, you’ll be living in one of the best beachside locations on offer, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, shops and natural wonders. With less than 400m for you to dip your toe in the water, Altum is a classic combination of calming, natural beauty and invigorating social buzz.

With construction to be completed in January 2023, now’s the time to book your permanent holiday by speaking with the Altum team. Find out how you can embrace the luxury vacation lifestyle here.


Altum is unique. Created for over 55’s, there is not a ‘design stone’ that has been left unturned. In a quiet cul-de-sac, just a stroll from Scarborough beachfront, Altum offers 51 superbly appointed apartments, each with stunning views, permanent concierge service and a suite of incredible amenities.

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