Twitter ignites on ‘over the shoulder boulder holders’

Jul 19, 2022
The internet came together to remember where they'd heard the phrase. Source: Getty

An oldie but goodie has sent Twitter into a frenzy with people paying homage to the phrase “over the shoulder boulder holder” in reference to women’s bras.

When Twitter user Tori Kent asked, “Has anyone else heard the phrase, “over the shoulder boulder holder,” in reference to bras? Or is it something my dad made up?”, she never could have imagined the response it would receive.

The internet united to remember where they’d heard the phrase for the first time.

However, many people remember the phrase from a Bette Midler scene in the 1988 film Beaches.

While many people have different recollections on where “over the shoulder boulder holder” came from, one thing is for certain: it’s older than Beaches.

Perhaps it orginated somewhere in the 50s, when rhyming was a big part of slang. If you were bald you had a chrome dome, if your car had a big back seat you had a shag wag and if you used the back seat for any funny business you might be doing hanky panky.



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