Flashback: The first western act to release pop music in China

Apr 18, 2013

This band, was the first western act to release a pop album in China.  They released it today in 1985.  The album itself was a critical and commercial success throughout the world hitting both #1 in the UK and #1 in the USA.  It had four number one singles.

Wham! became the first Western act to release a pop album, “Make It Big,” in China, on this day, April 18 1985.  The album of the famed pop duo was famous for its bright fluro colours and brave pop culture.

Make it big was the second album from the pop band from Britain.  It was released in 1984.

The hit songs you might remember include: Careless Whisper; Freedom; Everything She Wants and Wake me up before you Go Go…

1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 3:50
2. Everything She Wants 5:01
3. “Heartbeat” 4:42
4. “Like a Baby” 4:12
5. Freedom 5:20
6. “If You Were There” 3:38
7. “Credit Card Baby” 5:08
8. Careless Whisper 6:30

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