‘You never know what you’ll find hidden in your kitchen drawers’

Oct 22, 2020
Gay has kickstarted her spring cleaning. Source: Getty

Today was rainy and decidedly gloomy. Being confined to home for over six months I found myself looking for things to do.

After fishing around in my overcrowded gadget drawer I looked at it and thought, I choose you.

Throwing caution to the wind, I tossed the lot onto the kitchen bench. Digressing just a bit, did any of my fellow over-60s have parents who said, “make and mend, save everything”?

Me too, which is why I looked mournfully at the covered bench and wanted to open the drawer and sweep the lot back in.

For a start, I had overlooked the fact that I have four cats. It was cat Christmas for them, but after picking up a multitude of bits and pieces that had been joyfully batted onto the floor, I grabbed the lot and confined them all to the bedroom.

Taking a deep breath, I picked up the first item, a box cutter, well I have boxes so back in the drawer it went. Yay! I am on a roll. A somewhat fuzzy barley sugar was next. I was tempted but not hungry enough, so it went into the bin.

There were numerous gadgets that were suffering from neglect. I’m torn, maybe I will need them one day? Oh who cares, off to the bin they went.

Tell me how I found loose rice and you get a gift. Rice is not in my cupboard. Have the cats been next door begging for a rice fix?

You probably all have the odd elastic bands, screws, perhaps a nail or two rolling around in drawers. I have screwdrivers, both kinds, a mystery item that neither turns, fastens, or is recognisable for any purpose.

Finally the bench was visible, the drawer full with wanted and needed items. The bin full with unwanted contraptions and knick-knacks.

My children were delighted. Perhaps I won’t let them see stashed way back in the pantry the container of mystery items that I just might need one day.

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What's in your kitchen junk drawer?

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