‘Who you gonna call? Not the authorities if you’re an anti-lockdown protester’

Aug 01, 2021
Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination activists gathered in cities across Australia with New South Wales and Victoria are under strict Covid-19 restrictions as the states continue to fight the spread of the Delta coronavirus strain. Source: Diego Fedele/Getty Images

For me, it was all the news headlines for current affairs. This recent weekend in Australia brought more anti-lockdown, anti-mask, anti-vaccine protests. Swarming in city streets, no social distancing, unmasked, breaching restrictions, yelling at, and abusing police.

The politicians and the media launched into their opinions. They describe the protestors as un-Australian, endangering everyone in their communities. Maybe they went home from their protests as super-spreaders, taking germs to their little world.

Opinions vary. I can see both sides of this story. We Australians regard free speech and peaceful protests as a democratic freedom. But maybe these protests went a bit too far. I wonder what governments in some repressive countries would have done to protestors.

I read and view news articles about protestors who bashed the police horses, as well as few police personnel. Well, no one is perfect. This pet advocate barracks for the fur friends. The police horses are trained in crowd control. That is their job, pleasing their owners. I notice photos of police staff splattered, uniforms ripped, and being abused. They are only doing their job, enforcing restrictions.

I do wonder now, about what would happen if the protestors went home, and someone had stolen their car, or their little child had wandered off or been taken. Who are they going to call?

The police, of course. Just the same as anyone would, seniors or not. The police gotta do what the police gotta do!

Then I wondered what these protestors would do if they thought they had the pandemic virus at any stage. They would call an ambulance to take them to the largely free public hospital system, which is one of our Australian freedoms. Free democratic hospital staff and Medicare-funded hospital beds.

Meanwhile, the police horses the protestors bashed would be patrolling the bush, looking for their little ones if they were lost. The police squad cars would be on alert to find anyone’s stolen car. We all expect the police to solve any problem.

Yes, free speech, and peaceful protests. Any of us can say Australia’s democracy has gone a bit weird. The world does not revolve around any individual. Our democratic freedoms have changed. We all had to adapt.

Further protests may escalate in intensity. The police are expected to be there, doing their job. The police horses are recovering. What if something does go amiss in anyone’s little world. Who are you going to call? The police, of course. Let’s hope, when the chips are down, that they will respond. There are both sides to this saga of our modern days.

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