‘The badass fashion trends of our youth making a comeback’

Jul 08, 2021
Julie writes about the mullet making a resurgence in hair fashion, just like David Bowie here in 1974. Source: Getty Images

While I was gazing at the television one evening recently, and walking around a shopping centre the following day, I noticed something unusual, something I’ve not seen since the 1970s. Young men are wearing mullets again!

They remind me of the Boomer males of our youth, like my late ex-husband. Mullets are so retro, souvenirs of males in the ’70s, like David Bowie, and his transgender spiky mullet. It was quite an acceptable male hair statement. Now the mullet is trending. According to one commentator, it is the most popularly requested hairdo at stylists.

Yes, Boomer babes and boys, nostalgia for our retro youth is trending in the modern world in lots of areas. As well as long hair, ear piercing is still a favourite as an adornment for boys and men. Currently, any part of the body can be pierced.

In the late-’60s and ’70s, male earrings were considered an accessory for men of a certain persuasion. When I was growing up, there was a rhyme going around: “Left is right, and right is gay”.

Any hair style or body piercing is acceptable these days, and it doesn’t seem to make any other statement than one associated to fashion.

What about the females and retro nostalgia? Well, we over-60s are so old we can recall all our long hair, which for some developed into using hot rollers. These created the Farrah Fawcett bouffant waves. For young chicks today, large waves and mullets of any shade are acceptable, and our long hair is coming into fashion.

Our long hair had fringes, either parted in the middle, or with no parting. That was when it was all happening as a statement about ‘our generation’. Vintage long hair and mullets for any gender are now trending.

‘Trending’ was the buzz word on the television program. Too hilarious, young chicks and males of today, aiming to look similar to their grandparents in our heydays.

I must take notes, to observe if the older generation are trending to adopt large waves and long hair again. Anything today is now acceptable for any age. For the Boomers, grey is the new blonde.

Roll-neck sweaters are trending too. Women are wearing the good old roll or turtle neck sweaters again, wherever they source them. It is quite a flattering look, especially for older women.

Retro is currently trending for fashionable hair statements and adornments in society. Everything is acceptable, from the days when it was all happening. But the mullet? Yes, mullets are trending.

What fashion trends were you into in the 1970s? Are there trends you'd like to never see again?

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