‘Sometimes I long for a male companion, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?’

Nov 03, 2020
Julie's got love on the brain and questions to ask. Source: Getty

Sex and the over-60s. Is this a taboo? Is it all imagination? As Baby Boomers, we live in a society that surrounds us with images of sexuality, in advertising, media, music and apparel.

But what is the reality for 60-plus men and women? Many Baby Boomers are still married. They can enjoy their lie-ins, with morning glories or afternoon delights.

Their touch still thrills the significant other, and their retirement lovemaking can be enhanced by more leisure time, and no toddlers or teenagers in the household.

At least, that is what I imagine it might be like. What about over-60 singles, like old nanny Julie here?

I can contemplate the example of my late mother. She was sitting at home in her unit reading a book while sipping coffee, when a good-looking widower rooster knocked on her door bearing a bunch of flowers.

It was the essence of septuagenarian grey and scrawny Mills and Boon romance. Love was in the air. Or was it? The happy couple duly wed, despite some family opposition from both sides. Two days after they returned from rocking Grandma’s buns on their honeymoon, they spent each evening sitting in separate rooms, watching their own televisions.

A few years of constant sniping later, they went over the Great Divide. That certainly was a vignette in family folk lore. Indubitably, my mother should have got a second poodle instead of a second husband.

Hindsight is wonderful, I am sure you agree. Here I sit on the couch, with no fur friend, imagining old nanny Julie in a kind, caring relationship, with an understanding male.

After Covid-19, I am sure proactive Baby Boomers will resume dating to see if sparks fly, or chemistry does, indeed, exist. Sounds dreadfully hyperactive, might be fun.

So, who is asking? Not so you would notice. It could all be a question of communicating effectively with someone significant, and adapting expectations.

Sitting here in a steady state of inertia, I ponder an article that studies in Britain are demonstrating a marked increase in sexually transmitted diseases in the over-60 clientele. It is a case of boys will be boys, and Portnoy’s don’t preach. That might change with the pandemic.

None of this means the end of the world, of course. Do we ever lose this part of our human nature? We adapt our expectations due to our perceptions of ageing, according to our health and circumstances. Would you ever remarry at our age?

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Have you ever dated over-60?

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