‘PC punters can bugger off’

Nov 18, 2020
Brian has had enough of the PC crowd. Source: Getty

I have nothing against feminists, vegans, activists, animal liberationists, or that ‘politically correct’ crowd, they all have a perfect right to their points of view, whatever they might be, but I do wish they’d keep those views to themselves sometimes. The trouble is though, they have to try to enforce their ideas on we ordinary mortals, to the extent sometimes, of actually breaking the law in order to do so, as in the case of the Gippsland farmer and his goats, last year; that was disgusting as well as illegal!

As I say, I really have nothing against them personally, as long as they keep to themselves – though I think they might all get a slightly better response from us, if they didn’t pick such childish endeavors to think and complain about. Take for instance the woman I once knew, an avid feminist, who hated having me call her “luv”, (the spelling is intended). I could not get her to understand that my calling her luv, didn’t indicate any particular affection for her, or a desire to have sex with her – as I said to her, the word was merely an indication of friendship towards someone, (usually female), whose name one is uncertain of, and has exactly the same meaning and substance as the word ‘mate’ in identical circumstances with a bloke. But how childish must someone be, to place such importance on such an unimportant subject!

This woman and her many cohorts also indulge themselves in flurries of trying to remove the words ‘man’, ‘men’, ‘male’ from printed texts, all of which often appear as parts of other words, such as ‘female’, (I particularly like that one), ‘manpower’, ‘manual’, ‘mantle’, ‘menopause’ and numerous other examples. Again, how blisteringly childish can they get? Even worse than the childish, we get the downright misconceived and dangerous, like the farmer’s goats mentioned above. These activists loaded the goats into their car and did God knows what with them afterwards. All these idiots were concerned about was their hatred for the farmer, not the care of his animals at all, animals he had been looking after lovingly for many years, feeding them and milking them and keeping them well. Now, the poor man has lost his beloved animals, his business and his livelihood, just to satisfy the egos of a few so-called intellectuals.

I confess I tend to include the anti-vaxers in with this overall group as well, mainly because in this case I just don’t follow the logic of their thinking. Of course there will be the occasional patient who responds badly to a vaccination, but I’m sure you could find just as many people who respond badly to rubbing artificial tanning creams on their skins too. Virtually everything will damage someone, no matter what it is, some people are allergic to eggs, while others can be hurt by peanut butter, but these aren’t reasons for us all to give up eggs or peanut butter. The trouble is the anti-vaxers can’t see the illogicality in their thinking, which could also make them refuse to wear seat-belts in a car, because they read somewhere that one in every 50,000 seat-belt wearers (merely a made-up number, it may be more, or less than this!) got injuries they would otherwise have avoided had they not been wearing one. Childish thinking once again!

And the brightest bubbles in the bath? Well, it’s the politically correct crowd, by a very long chalk! Who but they would require us to stop reciting ‘”Baa, Baa, black sheep, have you any wool” to our kids, because to call the sheep black is racist? Who but they would require us to have unisex public toilets, to appease their friends, the feminists? Who but they would require us to stop flying the Australian flag, to avoid annoying people from other countries? Who but they would require us to let asylum seekers who come here illegally by boat freely into our lovely country, despite the fact that they are queue jumpers, who are snatching the places that legal applicants could have enjoyed?

And finally, (though I could go on for hours in this vein), who but they would require us to put clothes on our dogs when we take them out, to avoid embarrassing members of the opposite sex. (I take it they are referring to humans here, not dogs of the opposite sex!). Yes, to me it’s all very childish and rather stupid, I’m sure if they’d come up with some adult ideas, they’d get a lot more support than they do now. In the meantime I’d thank them not to irritate me with their to me, silly thinking!

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