‘I’m looking forward to a simple Christmas without the pomp and fuss’

Dec 25, 2020
May is looking forward to a quiet Christmas this year. Source: Getty

As with many others there have been times during the pandemic when it has been imperative for the sake of my own mental health to stop reading and watching the daily news.

At the moment I am saddened that countries across Europe and the UK are going back into lockdown. I’m also sad that I will not see my daughters for Christmas day, nor my newborn grandbubba.

It is also distressing for the families separated and still waiting for flights to return home from overseas. With the current Covid health situation in Australia, I am grateful that I will see my mob all sooner rather that later.

With every cloud comes a silver lining. This means, just as we have done over the past months, we can reinvent our Christmas and special holidays.

Christmas day may not be the same without the family gatherings but we can still make it an enjoyable day without the annual busting of the gut. I’m sorry but it’s true. My Christmas rituals include cleaning the house and gardening like a mad woman before the event, planning and shopping like a military strategist, and then spending hours in the kitchen in the humidity of a Brisbane summer.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I have no doubt that when the daughters do finally make it to my front door the house will be clean and the fridge will be well stocked. I cannot rule out a few dandelions in the front lawn.

It will be easier than meeting the expectations of previous Christmas days however. There will be no paper hats, no Christmas tree, and no obligatory old-soak uncles in my house this year.

Christmas gift giving has been easier this year too. On our day trips to rural townships over past months my partner and I have endeavoured to spend regionally, supporting Australian-made products. My children will be receiving through the post an assortment of spice blends, handmade soaps, marmalade’s, and aromatherapy bits and pieces such as lip balms and body scrubs. It’s a win win situation really.

I’ve enjoyed poking about in our country towns and helping little local economies and the kids receive practical gifts that they will use. I think we’re all thinking a little differently. We seem to appreciate the simple things more this year and that’s not a bad thing, is it?

The even bigger win for me is that my Christmas lunch will be a breeze this year. Prawns and salad and a tub of ice cream. And I don’t have to share the bubbles!

Christmas is just another day. We’ll catch up soon, kids, and when we do it will be wonderful. It wont be any worse for not following the previous patterns of our catch ups on December 25th.

We will still have stories to share, and will eat and drink our fill.

Until then, hands up all those who vote for ditching the ‘busting gut’ this year!

What are you doing for Christmas Day this year?

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