For heaven’s sake, Harry

Jan 15, 2023
Are you sick and tired of Harry and Meghan? Source: Getty

My intention for my first 2023 blog was to chat about New Year’s resolutions and how I stopped making them. How I replaced them with my trusty Excel spreadsheet. That my WIP (Work In Progress) rolls over each new year. How some items are ticked off as I move through them over the months, and how there is more chance of success this way.

But then I was distracted and annoyed over the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle media debacle. So I changed my line of thought.

For heaven’s sake Harry, what are you doing?

It must be about the money. Why would you blast the world with your trivial spats within your family and even worse, brag about how many Taliban you killed? None of my friends who fought in Afghanistan would talk about what went on over there, let alone brag about it. What inconsiderate behaviour Harry, what type of role model have you become?

For the life of me, who do the Sussexes think they are? I question Harry’s ongoing whinging and reflect on when it began and who is fuelling his anger. Either way, on principle I would not read Harry’s latest book nor will I view their TV series. I’m not even curious about what happened. Who cares other than those rubbing their greedy hands together as the cash rolls in? This is sensationalism at its best.

Every family has spats. If you have siblings, it’s natural for ad hoc competition between each other, even if unconsciously. Family environments are never perfect like in The Little House on the Prairie. That’s how we learn about different personality types, relationships and how to work with each other.

For heaven’s sake Harry, did your brother dare you to ride your pet lamb like a horse when you were a kid only to be bucked into the prickly plum bush? Or dare you to hold a penny banger as a fizzer that misfired backwards and burnt your finger? I still loved my brother and we would laugh about it. So Harry, if you wrestled with William and continue to have an issue then seek counselling, privately.

Most families would never air their differences publicly. We work it out ourselves. No family is perfect; we all have opinions but ultimately we all stick together.

How would our dedicated, loyal Queen Elizabeth II feel now if she was still alive? It must have broken her heart when all this began and it continues! Her loving grandson turned against the family, airing his dirty laundry. I wonder what Harry’s ultimate objective is, to destroy the British tradition, and become Americanised like his wife? I certainly hope not.

Society needs tradition, it needs to feel safe and comfortable. I embrace the historical accounts of my imperfect ancestors and keen to retrace their footsteps from when they left the UK to settle in Australia. My DNA has a dash of ancestral Scandinavian and German, how intriguing.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond’s latest book The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies? argues that we have a lot to learn from people who have continued to live as humans did for most of our history. His research found people still living the lives of our ancestors have lessons to teach us about how we might better live today. Maybe the Sussexes should read his book. Oh hang on, they wouldn’t have time to dwell on others, their focus is on themselves.

For heaven’s sake Harry, you have a privileged life, be grateful. I prefer to read headlines that are not based on slanderous defaming statements, but rather hear about global outcomes that benefit mankind. Meanwhile, my priority is ensuring my family is safe and protected.

Today, when I see the Sussexes flash up on my TV screen or appear in the headlines of my digital newspaper, I change channels or swipe left. They have transitioned from what could have been a dignified exit, to trashy.

For heaven’s sake Harry.

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