‘Don’t tell us oldies how to behave until you’ve walked our shoes’

This community writer takes issue with the way over-60s are judged in the workplace. Source: Getty (stock image).

Life is certainly an interesting phenomenon and it’s not until you reach a certain age that you truly understand how that age feels. Hence, the conundrum for those in the workplace, and all other areas of society, trying to determine what a specific age should look like.

Unless those who are making the rules are of the relevant age, how could they possibly know what it feels like to walk in someone else’s shoes? This is why, from my perspective, so much research and so many well-meaning policies about age go pear-shaped and are quite useless for the very people they’ve been developed for.

Think about ageing. There is a lot riding on looking young and being fit and wrinkle-free. You know the drill.

We’re told that we should think we’re beautiful at any age – no complaints from me about that notion. It’s a great idea to build self-esteem until you’re the mug-in-the-middle and the skin on your face is hanging low.

Hanging loose takes on a whole other meaning.

Check it out. Have a look at how many Baby Boomers are still in the workforce. Do you think it’s a bit odd that so many are out of work? Do you think it may have something to do with the skin hanging off their face?

Check out celebrities who live their lives in the media spotlight. Is their skin hanging off their faces? Probably not and if it isn’t, do you think they have had a cut-and-paste job?

This is something that is close to my heart and closer to my face in the hanging-loose department.

We are told that beauty is only skin deep. I’m not sure about that. We shouldn’t be worried about the wrinkles. I’m not sure about this either.

There are many products and beauty treatments that claim to make a difference.

However, once women are past menopause, their skin starts to lose its elasticity – big time. Even if they exercise regularly and do all the right things, the sagging just keeps coming.

Biology is certainly at play here and hormones a big part of it because it doesn’t seem to happen to men in the same way.

Many women want something that will turn the clock back. Not to deny ageing but to at least slow the process. I don’t know many people who really want their skin to be hanging off their face or their arms or their legs. Most of us agree it’s not a good look and if that’s happening, what else is going on in the body? Do a little research and you will find out.

Facial and neck acupuncture can help women regain their youthful appearance and while it enhances the face and neck, it also has a positive impact on the internal workings.

How do I know? Because I’ve been having regular acupuncture for seven years now, with five focusing on the face and neck, and the impact has been incredible. No, I do not look 20 and neither do I want to. I do not have a problem with increasing numbers. I love my professional and personal life. It’s just that I don’t want my skin hanging off my face, legs, or anywhere else.

It does not reflect who I am.

It minimises me in the current society in which I live. I want the outer bits of my body to show how I feel inside. Vernal, self-confident, effective, capable of anything I want, a better person and professional than I’ve ever been.

The interesting thing I’ve noticed is that I’m now taken more seriously in my professional and personal life. I’ve never been of the invisible ilk because of who I am, but I did notice the difference when the skin starting hanging loose.

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