Tracy Grimshaw’s mask hack will make your day if your glasses keep fogging up

Jul 20, 2021
Tracy Grimshaw has come up with a handy face mask. Source: Getty

If you’ve worn glasses with a face mask before, then you’d know all about the fogging dilemma. While some people have suggested trying things like washing your glasses with soapy water beforehand, A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw has come up with a quicker, easier solution — and all you need is a piece of tape!

The 61-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to share her handy new tip with fellow glasses wearers. She explained that glasses fog up if they’re not actually sitting on the mask. So to fix this problem, because glasses slip down easily, she taped her glasses to her forehead. And while it may sound a little odd, Tracy ensures it works!

“Couldn’t figure out why the whole office is laughing at my latest mask/glasses hack, so I took a selfie,” she wrote, alongside a close-up picture of herself. “Okay now I get it. Glasses fog up if they’re not sitting actually ON the mask, but then they slip down. So I solved the slipping-down issue. It’s not a fashion show people!!!”

In a follow-up post, Tracy excitedly shared that the hack was already catching on around the office, with Channel Nine journalist Steve Marshall following suit. “I’m an influencer!! @stevemarshall9 has jumped on board,” she wrote, alongside a pic of Steve.

Followers of Tracy’s were quick to comment on her post, with some saying they’ve given the hack a go too. One commented: “It works!! Thank you, you’ve started a trend in our office.” Another said: “This is the best!!! The others are just envious.” While a third wrote: “That’s why my glasses fog up all the time, it is a pain as I can’t see without the glasses.”

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Do you wear glasses? Would you try this hack?

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