The Internet reacts hilariously to Perrottet’s announcement he’s having a seventh child

Oct 18, 2021

Dominic Perrottet announced on Sunday on his Facebook wall that he and his wife Helen are expecting their seventh child, the news was quickly met with hilarious reactions from the Australian public.

Perrottet joined in the fun, telling reporters during a press conference on Monday, “if anyone has a second-hand mini-van they want to sell, please contact my office.”

The New South Wales Premier, 39 took to social media to reveal the “exciting family news” of what will be the couple’s sixth daughter.

“Our family photo wall is going to need another frame! Helen and I are thrilled to announce we have a little girl due next year,” he said.

“With five sisters already, William is looking on the bright side – more bench depth on the family basketball team.”

The jokes came through thick and fast as Australians commented on the Premier’s post.

“This bloke really doesn’t believe in contraception.”

“Congratulations! But is this proof the rhythm method is not so foolproof.”

“Congratulations. May I offer a tv for the bedroom from the grants scheme we have been getting? Seriously congrats on the good news.”

“You need to buy a tv, on the upside at least we can look forward to more family-friendly funding.”

The light ribbing wasn’t just exclusive to the Premier’s Facebook with many taking to Twitter to make light of the announcement.

“Obviously hasn’t been told how to use a condom”

“Someone’s been busy during lockdown.”

“Projections show that by 2050, half of NSW births will be due to Perrottet.”

The state’s youngest ever Premier was also brought up in a large family of 12 children which he referenced during his maiden speech in Parliament.

“I had the privilege of growing up in a large family. I am the third of 12 children. As you may imagine, my mother ran a very tight ship,’’ he said.

“But with so many of us around, she realised very quickly she could not get everything done by herself. I polished 12 pairs of shoes in summer. I packed 12 lunches in autumn. I changed 1200 nappies in winter and then changed them again in spring.”

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Join in the fun! Have you got a pun for Perrottet?

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