‘Sunrise’ star Mark Beretta shaken by scary earthquake live on air

Aug 04, 2021
Shaken and stirred! Mark Beretta experienced his first earthquake live on air. Source :Getty

Sunrise star Mark Beretta has been left a little stirred after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck while reporting live from Tokyo, shaking the 10-storey building he was atop of.

The veteran reporter was standing atop the temporary broadcasting tower outside the Olympic stadium on Wednesday when the quake hit, but assured Sunrise hosts David Koch and Natalie Barr that the building was “earthquake-proof”.

The scary live television footage shows Beretta giving a sports report of the Games in the midst of the tremor, with the camera occasionally shaking slightly.

“Welcome back to the Olympic city where we are currently in an earthquake, an earth tremor,” he said.

“The roof above us is moving and you might notice our lights and camera are moving as well.”

The quake eventually stopped after about 30 seconds, though the shaken reporter told Koch and Barr it was the first he’d ever experienced. He told his concerned co-hosts that most buildings built for the Games had been made “earthquake-proof” as the country is prone to shakes.

“That was quite an unusual moment, I have not been through an earthquake before,” he said.

“We’re in a tower, which at home would be made of scaffolding, but here it is made of construction steel.”

According to 7News the 5.8 magnitude quake hit off the coast of Tokoyo at 5:33am local time, at a depth of just 10km.

Many fans urged the reporter to “stay safe”, while others joked it was a small one and warned they happen “almost daily”.

“Stay safe Brettes,” one fan said.

“Rattled… what a wuss… They happen almost weekly in Tokyo… and that was a mild one!!!” another commented.

While another said they too been left a little shaken by the quake, “Felt the tremor in my hotel room in Japan. I leaned against the wall too. Thought it was someone next door but turn out it was an earthquake. Was announced on the train later that day.”

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Have you ever experienced an earthquake before?

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