Everyone loves a makeover! Starts at 60 gets a nip, tuck and promo girl

Jun 23, 2021
Comedian Jean Kittson in one of Starts at 60's new advertising campaigns. Source: Starts at 60

Today we publicly announce the launch of Starts at 60’s fresh, fully integrated online shopping Marketplace and the new look and feel of the Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 website! It’s now one big membership platform, packed with great value for over-60s. This is all part of the next stage of Starts at 60, where we bring you — our members and community — even more value when you shop and travel with us.

To promote these exciting developments, we launched a new series of television and print advertisements in mid-June, fronted by Australian comedian, performer and writer Jean Kittson. The fabulous Kittson scripted a lot of the campaign herself, working with the theme “a million Aussie Boomers ready to spend the kids’ inheritance” on online shopping and travel! They are packed with comedy designed to appeal to Baby Boomers’ uniquely sassy humour. We’re proud to serve over-60s and we want you — our community — to see your own vibrance and wit in our advertising.

How did this all come about? 

Starts at 60 started out curating great media for over-60s with the goal of serving the needs and wants of the Baby Boomer generation. As we learnt about our community, we realised travel companies rarely speak directly to over-60s, and certainly didn’t have dedicated product and service knowledge. So, we expanded to set up a national travel product team and full-service national travel agency, curating amazing holidays, deals and travel experiences and serving you, personally, from our Brisbane-based travel agency call centre. 

Then, while travel was a bit quiet last year, we decided it was time to use our powerful curation capability for online shopping. Our depth of knowledge of over-60s’ interests, needs and problems meant that all we had to do was scour the country for solutions and set them up in a single trustworthy online Marketplace. We now work with an extensive array of vendors, to bring you better deals by aggregating your buying power online. It’s a tough job, but what fun we’ve had bringing it to you and seeing how much you love it!

What do over-6os need from online shopping? 

We’re often asked why the world needs online shopping for the Boomer generation. It’s pretty obvious to us, and we think you agree! For example, the average over-60 has a different shaped body and feet than younger generations, requiring different products. You also have different health and beauty objectives, based on how healthy you are and the beauty issues you want to ‘solve’. 

In addition to this, you have more time on your hands to be entertained, and a bigger family and friendship circle to buy gifts for. And your generation is in a different frame of mind in terms of homes, too. You are keen to live in comfort and treat yourselves to some finer things after years of raising children and carefully managing household budgets to get to retirement.

This is why over-60s are different, and our detailed understanding — gleaned from the data our community shares with us — means we can properly serve you.  

Why are we pushing for change in retail? 

In the past eight years running Starts at 60, I can count on one hand the number of retailers that wanted to advertise fashion, footwear and lifestyle products to over-60s on our website. Most said, “No, 60 isn’t our target market — we want Millennials.” Frankly, we got a little peeved on your behalf! It impacted the way we’ve grown as a company, so we look to fill the gaps that other companies have missed. 

We know you want to be spoken to with honesty and respect for who you are — and with pictures you can relate to. We also know that, over the years, many marketers have spoken to you using ‘aspirational images’ or photos that are downright irrelevant to you. Now that we run our own Marketplace, we can drive forward change, working with vendors to get more age-appropriate images that tell stories and showcase products. We can also run our own fashion shoots, with 60+ models and body shape diversity. It’s all a work in progress and we ask for your patience and support as we try to drive the change across a whole host of retailers who have previously ignored older generations. 

There are now more than 80 vendors on the Starts at 60 Marketplace. We span 13 categories, including fashion, footwear, homewares, garden, health, food, liquor, gifts, ageing/independence and more. Our teams are handpicking the vendors and ranges we want to serve you, and negotiating great deals from brands that are really good for over-60s. We see this as just the beginning! 

How can you help Starts at 60? 

As we adapt to the ever-changing e-commerce world and work to bring you great deals and interesting solutions, we would love to have you help us by: 

  1. Keeping an eye out for deals and shopping with us on the Starts at 60 Marketplace whenever you see items that are right for you.  
  2. Booking your next holiday through Travel at 60 (take a look at our huge and growing range of Starts at 60 Community holidays).
  3. Telling your friends about Starts at 60 — suggest they sign up.
  4. Completing our surveys and – from time to time – doing our update surveys as well. This way we can really know what you need and want, and not just guess. 
  5. If you see something we should know about, such as new products we should stock, website problems we should fix, information people should know, please let us know at: [email protected]

We’re your marketplace, your travel site, and your news publisher — number one in the over-60s market — and we’re hungry to bring you the products and travel you want!

Thank you for your support.

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What do you think of Starts at 60's refreshed website, online Marketplace and TV ads?

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