Shoppers warned after deadly find in Coles produce

Feb 11, 2022
Redback spiders have been found in Coles grape bags in Queensland. Source: Getty

Coles have issued a warning to customers following a number of alleged deadly finds among produce after multiple customers discovered redback spiders in their grape bags.

The warning comes as two customers have reportedly declared to have discovered the creatures in their grape bags, with one purchase at Runway Bay on the Gold Coast and the other from Tweed City.

According to, a Coles spokesperson described the redback spider situation as a global issue and that the company was working diligently with suppliers and industry bodies to control.


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“All Coles suppliers are required to keep their fields clean and have pest control systems in place to prevent product contamination during packaging,” the spokesperson explained.

“Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously and all grapes are visually inspected at harvest and packing for any pest presence.”

Retired policeman Andrew Bell, told Nine News of his daughter’s discovery of a red back spider whilst she was eating grapes. He confessed his concern regarding the incident and the risks it could pose for young children alike.

“She was just munching away at them, and she just saw this redback,” he said.

“The last thing you’re expecting is a goddamn redback in the grapes.”

Another Coles customer has also fallen victim to a redback spider in their grapes, describing the creature as “probably big enough to give a nip”.


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Spiders aren’t the only unwelcome creatures that customers have discovered in their groceries over the years, with many reports of live creatures being found in fresh produce.

Just last year, The Guardian reported a surge in creatures such as mosquitos, spiders, termites and rodents having hit eastern Australia due to the drastic changes in weather.

Sydney Pest Control owner, Sam Yehia, said “We are seeing a lot more activity around this year.”

There are always spiders, rats and mice but when you have these changes in weather patterns, periods of rain and heat, it does affect the life cycle of insects, and their movements,” he said.




Do you double-check your fresh produce?

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