Sarah Ferguson shares the invaluable advice given to her by the late Queen Elizabeth

Sarah Ferguson and the late Queen shared a special relationship where the monarch regularly gave her invaluable advice. Source: Getty Images.

This week, the world’s thoughts turn to the late Queen Elizabeth as the first anniversary of her death draws near.

Remembering her late ex-mother-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, recently shared the invaluable advice offered to her by the Queen during a conversation before her death.

In an episode of her podcast, Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, ex-wife and now longtime housemate of Prince Andrew, Ferguson discussed her great affection for the Queen and the indispensable advice she gave leading up to her death on September 8, 2022.

Speaking to podcast co-host, Sarah Thomson, Ferguson reflected on how her recent brush with breast cancer had changed her perspective on life while divulging the advice that the Queen gave her shortly before her passing.

“It’s the last thing the Queen said to me. Just be yourself, Sarah,” Ferguson said.

She added the late monarch would get extremely annoyed when she wasn’t being herself. Ferguson admitted that this is how she got into all her “pickles” and said that now she feels lucky just to be herself.

Since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1991, instead of becoming estranged from the Royal Family, Ferguson’s relationship with the Queen blossomed into one of great mutual respect. So much so that she even bestowed upon her her precious corgis when she passed away.

Ferguson also believes the Queen was extremely proud of her newfound career as a romance novelist. Late last year she told a host of people at a literary festival, “When we wrote the book, I gave it to the boss and I said, ‘You don’t need to read it’.”

“But I think she was so proud that we did it. And that’s just huge for me. She was just very, very special,” she said.

Earlier this year she told People that she respected the Queen’s ability to put “you at ease” in addition to her “incredible faith” in people.

“She was so brilliant at putting you at ease. She had the most incredible faith of any single person I’ve ever met,” she said.

“She just knew what to do. She knew how to make people feel good. She never took it onboard as about her.”

Ferguson’s kind words follow a touching tribute to the beloved Queen that took place on September 3 in which a “corgi convoy” took place outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. The cute procession featured regally dressed corgis as they gathered in front of the palace gates.

Regarding the heartwarming event, organiser, Agatha Crerer-Gilbert expressed her wishes for it to become a lasting  celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s memory,

“I can’t see a better way to remember her than through her corgis, through the breed that she loved and cherished through her life,” she said.



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