The Princess of Wales delivers the Royal verdict on proper scone etiquette

Jul 06, 2023
Catherine recently offered her approach to achieving the perfect scone fit for a royal. Source: Getty Images.

In a delightful surprise for all food enthusiasts and afternoon tea aficionados, the Princess of Wales has shared her insights on the proper way to serve scones.

While hosting a tea party for NHS Charities, alongside her husband Prince William, in a show of appreciation to NHS workers, Catherine offered her approach to achieving the perfect scone fit for a royal.

As the royal couple helped to lay the tables and put the finishing touches on a birthday cake, Catherine discussed the age-old question: jam or cream first with her husband and television presenter Mel Giedroyc.

A curious William asked Giedroyc how she prepares her scones for afternoon tea.

“I go jam and then cream because I think jam is heavier and then the cream sits [better],” she replied

Catherine wasted no time in voicing her approval, stating: “I do jam and then cream.”

William quickly joked: “I go with whatever is closest to me!”

The witty response elicited laughter and smiles from both Catherine and Giedroyc.

Royal fans were buzzing with excitement over Catherine’s approach to the perfect scone, applauding her commitment to preserving the time-honoured tradition of afternoon tea.

Catherine isn’t the only prominent figure to offer her opinion on the scone debate with passionate discussions about the perfect way to enjoy this classic treat coming from all walks of life.

The Vicar of Dibley star Dawn French is one such figure who has been a passionate advocate for the “jam first” approach when serving scones.

Back in 2020, during an interview with Good Housekeeping, French expressed her unwavering opinion on the proper order of serving jam and cream on scones. She went as far as to state that putting cream on first is not only a faux pas but downright “offensive”.

“What I would say is: butter is optional, but if you’re going to use butter, it goes first,” she explained.

“Then the jam, then the cream. That’s it. The big mistake is to think that cream is butter.

“Jam is for spreading, cream – and it’s got to be clotted cream – is the dollop. It’s the crown.

“If you do it the other way, I genuinely find it offensive! I just do. I’ve got into a bit of a Twitter war with certain people about it.”

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